How your rates are calculated

Business rates are based on your property’s ‘rateable value’.

This is an estimate by the Valuation Office Agency of how much it would cost to rent a property for a year on 21 April 2021.

There’s guidance on how to estimate your business rates.

Your bill may be reduced if your property’s eligible for business rates relief.

Business rates are handled differently if your property is in Scotland or your property is in Northern Ireland.

If you think your rates are wrong

If you think your rates are wrong, use your business rates valuation account to tell the VOA that:

  • your property details (such as floor area sizes and parking) need changing

  • you think that your rateable value is too high

If you’re asked to provide rental information

The VOA may ask you to provide rental information about your property so they can work out its rateable value.

Contact the VOA if you need more time to send in your rental information.