Historic (classic) vehicles: MOT and vehicle tax

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Apply for a vehicle tax exemption

Apply at a Post Office that deals with vehicle tax.

You need to take:

  • the log book (V5C) in your name
  • your vehicle tax reminder letter (V11), if you have one
  • an MOT certificate that’s valid when the tax starts, or evidence if your vehicle’s exempt from an MOT (V112)
  • an insurance certificate or cover note (only in Northern Ireland)

If you do not have the log book, download and fill in an application for a log book (V62). Take it to the Post Office with the £25 fee.

What happens next

  1. The Post Office sends your log book to DVLA.

  2. DVLA will send you an updated log book.

  3. You’ll get a refund (if you’re due one). It will take longer than usual to get your refund because of coronavirus (COVID-19). Contact DVLA if you have not got your refund within 6 weeks of getting your updated log book.

You can still use your vehicle while your application is being processed.