Social care common inspection framework (SCCIF): residential provision of further education colleges

13. Inadequate judgements: next steps

What happens following inadequate or requires improvement judgements, including urgent case reviews.

When provision has been judged as inadequate or requiring improvement, we usually undertake a monitoring visit within 6 months to report on the college’s progress against the areas for improvement identified in the inspection report. The exact timing and nature of subsequent inspection and monitoring visits, however, is determined on a case-by-case basis.

A judgement of inadequate for the overall experiences and progress of young people will lead to an urgent case discussion between the lead inspector and the RIM. The placing authority in this context is the authority funding the placement.

The case review must record:

  • actions to be taken
  • that the director of children’s services (DCS) of the authority where the college is based must be notified
  • that the ESFA has been notified (the inspector should email - the social care policy team will then notify ESFA)
  • that Ofsted has alerted the local authorities that have funded placements, to the concerns that have been identified – where a large number of placing authorities fund placements, the case review should discuss arrangements for obtaining the identities of the placing authorities from the college, and plans for Ofsted to make contact with each one
  • that the DCS of the host authority, and of any placing local authorities, will be emailed about the provisional outcome of the inspection, including the concerns, in line with the feedback given to the college

The indicative judgement and inspection feedback should be sent to the DCS by the end of the working day following the case review. The college must be sent a copy of the email sent to the DCS of the relevant local authorities, so that it is aware of the information shared.

Details of the emails must be recorded on the inspection database for future reference.

The case review should take place at the earliest time possible and no later than 2 working days after the end of the inspection. If this timescale is not met, the specific reasons for the delay should be recorded.

Parents are responsible for identifying and funding some placements. This may include placements for young people who have been placed from other countries. In this situation, there is no need to inform the local authority where the young person would normally live as it is unlikely they will be aware of the arrangements.

Where young people have been placed by parents, the case review decides whether Ofsted needs to contact the parents immediately or whether it is appropriate to delay until the report has been finalised. Ofsted asks the college to confirm the date that it has sent the inspection report to all parents within its post-inspection action plan.