Risk management services

Land Registry services to help mortgage lenders protect property and discharge mortgages.

Charge validation

This service allows a mortgage lender to audit a portfolio of properties and validate mortgages by confirming their priority and status on the Register. With a clear audit of secured lending the mortgage lender can identify the risk of any unregistered security and improve the certainty and security of your portfolio.

Between 1,000 and 5,000 records can be checked and Land Registry will send you the results within 5 days. The report can be a one-off report or set up as a regular monthly audit. There is an option to identify other noted interests in favour of the lender, such as restrictions or notices. You can receive any other information you request as a spreadsheet as well as the registers for the properties you validate.

If you want to lodge frequent, but smaller files than the 1,000 quoted, or if you need larger orders, please contact the Add Value Team.


Service costs from £1 for each record submitted and processed by us. Additional options and add register information are also available, for a quote please contact our Add Value Team

All prices are subject to Value Added Tax and a minimum price per file applies.

Data synchronisation

This service allows you to synchronise your registered mortgage details with our database so that you can identify incomplete or inaccurate records and enable electronic discharges of mortgages.

We send you automatic notifications of registrations or discharges at the end of each day (Monday to Friday) the systems automatically notify each other of new:

  • registrations of a charge in favour of the lender
  • discharges of a lender’s charge

Where possible, electronic discharges are sent automatically. The data is protected through an agreed encryption method.


  • monthly charge: £250 per month
  • message charge: 20p per message

Priority Checker

Used by data synchronisation customers, there is a priority checker option available, which offers automatic notification of charges that are registered and discharged; and identification of charges that do not have first priority on the register.


This is a monthly service and prices are per month and it is the volume based at the following levels.

  • high volume - 5,000 titles or greater: £750 (plus VAT)
  • medium volume - 200 to 4,999 titles: £570 (plus VAT)
  • smaller volume - less than 200 titles: £175 (plus VAT)

Charge and Discharge Confirmation

This service ensures that your mortgage records are accurate. This reduces your risk of an unregistered security and gives an early sign of possible fraudulent discharges each month.

You can receive notification of your registered charges or discharged charges, or both combined. An ongoing analysis can also be set up. The Charge Validation service is better for a one off validation. We extract the details of charges and discharges made in your company’s name from our databases. Then at the beginning of each month, we send you a list of your new charges that have been registered, the priority they hold on the register and we notify you of any deed that may affect that priority. If you have opted to subscribe to Discharge Confirmation, we will also send you a list of mortgages that have been discharged in the previous month.


  • new charge confirmation - registered within month: £1 per title revealed
  • discharge confirmation - registered within month: £1 per title revealed

If you subscribe to both services, the price for receiving notification of a discharge is reduced to 50p for each title revealed.

A minimum charge for a single Response File of £60 applies

Flood risk reports

Our Flood Risk Indicator is used by solicitors, conveyancers and members of the public to assess the risk of flooding for specific properties. Information provided in our reports matches the Environment Agency / Natural Resources Wales classification of flood risk categories.

Further information

For further information or to discuss any additional requirements, please contact our Add Value team.

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