Find out if you're at risk of flooding in England

You can find out if you’re:

Sign up for warnings

Sign up for flood warnings if your property is at risk of flooding. This service is free.

Get the flooding history for a property

You can get the Environment Agency’s flooding history of a property by sending them:

  • the property’s address or a map of the area if the postcode is not known (you can attach a file or include a link to an online map)
  • either the date range you’re interested in, or confirmation you want all the information available on a property
  • your daytime telephone number

Not including enough information to identify the property or a date range may delay your report.

Email your request to

Reports are free if they take less than 18 hours to put together. If your report will take more than 18 hours, the Environment Agency will either:

  • tell you they cannot do the report
  • ask you if you’ll pay the cost of preparing the report

If you agree to pay, the report will cost you at least £450 (for the first 18 hours) plus £25 for every extra hour it takes.

You’ll be sent the report by email within 20 working days.