Responsible antibiotic use under the prescribing cascade

Advice for vets: summary position of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) on responsible antibiotic use under the prescribing cascade.

The VMD supports and encourages the responsible use of antibiotics and has produced a summary position statement on Responsible use of antibiotics under the cascade (PDF, 87.4 KB, 7 pages).

Responsible antibiotic use under the cascade requires vets to take into consideration not only the most appropriate active substance(s) but also;

  • the most appropriate formulation
  • the posology
  • the current pattern of resistance in their locality
  • an awareness of how to reduce selection pressure, and
  • related factors eg good biosecurity and husbandry/hygiene, avoiding surgical sepsis etc

If a vet can demonstrate that these steps have been taken, then cascade use of antibiotics is supported.

Published 30 August 2014