Environmental management – guidance

Register your waste exemptions: environmental permits

Check if you can get a waste exemption and register online or by post, including WEEE and bulk waste exemptions at multiple sites.

You may need an environmental permit if your business uses, treats, recovers, stores or disposes of waste.

Some waste activities do not need a permit because they’re covered by waste exemptions.

Waste exemption rules

You can only get a waste exemption if:

  • your waste operation meets all the limits and conditions set out in the exemption
  • your waste operation doesn’t harm the environment or human health
  • you register the exemption - each waste exemption registration lasts 3 years so you’ll need to re-register the exemption if you’re still carrying out the activity after 3 years

If you don’t follow these rules, the Environment Agency can cancel (also known as ‘deregister’) your exemption. They may also take enforcement action or prosecute you if you don’t meet the conditions of an exemption or if you’ve harmed people or the environment.

If you can’t meet the limits and conditions of an exemption you must apply for an environmental permit.

When you don’t need to register

You don’t need to register the 3 non waste framework directive exemptions covering the temporary storage of waste but you must follow the limits and conditions set out in those exemptions.

Before you register

You need to read the waste exemptions guidance to:

  • decide which waste exemptions apply to your activities
  • check you can meet all the limits and conditions set

The exemptions guidance is split into these categories:

Additional requirements

You may also need to get planning permission if you’re carrying out an exempt waste operation.

Register online

You can only register online if you’re carrying out exempt waste operations in England.

It’s free to register online.

You can’t register the T11 exemption to treat WEEE online. You need to register this using a form.

To complete your online registration you’ll need the following:

  • number and description for each waste exemption you want to register (eg U1 Use of waste in construction) - you can find these in the exemption guidance
  • name and address of the individual, business or organisation that will be carrying out the waste operations
  • registration number and registered address details if you’re registering waste exemptions for a limited company or limited liability partnership
  • name and address of the person who will be sent the registration confirmation
  • address and postcode for all the locations where the exempt activity is being carried out, or a 12-digit national grid reference if there is no postcode

Start your online registration.

Register by post

You can also register by post by downloading and filling in form WEX001. Return it to the Environment Agency at the address on the form.

It’s free to register using this form.

Register T11 WEEE exemption

The T11 exemption to treat waste electrical and electronic equipment can’t be registered online.

You’ll need to fill in form WEEEX001 and send it to the Environment Agency address on the form.

It costs £840 to register and you can pay by:

  • credit or debit card - complete form CC1 and send it with your registration form
  • cheque
  • electronic transfer

Register bulk waste exemptions at multiple sites

A multiple or bulk registration lets you register the same exemption at more than 30 sites.

You need to complete both of the following:

Email both documents to enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk.


Contact the Environment Agency if you have queries about waste exemptions or need help registering.

General enquiries

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