Register for the intensive care quality improvement programme

How to register for the intensive care quality improvement programme (ICCQIP), a national intensive care unit infection surveillance programme in England.

How to register for the intensive care quality improvement programme (ICCQIP)

To register for the ICCQIP, you will need to nominate a local administrator to take part in the programme, and follow these steps to complete the registration process.

  1. Register a local administrator for your Hospital Trust or Unit by emailing, with details of your Hospital, and the name of your administrator. Please write ‘New ICCQIP registration’ as the subject line of the email request.

  2. The ICCQIP team at Public Health England (PHE) will then email back to you within 5 working days with information on the first step of the registration process. This will require your local administrator to complete a brief online training guide.

  3. The ICCQIP team will automatically receive a notification of the completion of the online training. Your local administrator will then be asked to register their user details on to the intensive care unit (ICU) data capture system, which is hosted separately from GOV.UK on a dedicated website.

  4. The ICCQIP team will then authorise the user’s account. Your local administrator will receive an email containing a link, if they click on the link they will be able to choose a password.

  5. Your local administrator can now log into the ICU data capture system with their user profile and password, and sign up data entry users from your Hospital Trust or Unit.

Access ICCQIP resources

Resources relating to the ICCQIP can be accessed on the ICU’s dedicated website by all colleagues. Registration is not required to browse these pages. Examples of relevant resources are listed below:

Email the ICCQIP team at for more information on the programme.

Published 22 October 2018
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  1. Added a link to the D05 Service Specification for intensive care units (ICUs) by NHS England and the Faculty Intensive Care Medicine website.

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