Health protection – collection

Healthcare associated infections (HCAI): guidance, data and analysis

HCAI are acquired as a result of healthcare interventions.

Public Health England (PHE) monitors the numbers of certain infections that occur in healthcare settings through routine surveillance programmes, and advises on how to prevent and control infection in establishments such as hospitals, care homes and schools.

PHE also monitors the spread of antibiotic resistant infections and advises healthcare professionals about controlling antimicrobial resistance.

Management of healthcare associated infections (HCAI)

Preventing and reducing rates of HCAI involves infection prevention and control, using evidence-based interventions.

Surveillance programmes are an important part of this, as they provide essential information on:

  • what and where the problems are
  • how well control measures are working

See the national evidence-based guidelines for preventing healthcare-associated infections in NHS hospitals in England.

  1. Healthcare associated infection (HCAI): operational guidance and standards

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  2. Care homes: infection prevention and control

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