Controls of fish and shellfish diseases in England and Wales

Reduce the risk of disease, find out where notifiable diseases have been confirmed in England and Wales

Disease status of fish, shellfish and crustacea in England and Wales

Great Britain has a high health status with regard to fish, mollusc and crustacean diseases. The listed diseases are detailed in Part II, Annex IV of Directive 2006/88/EC and Schedule 1 of The Aquatic Animal Health (England and Wales) Regulations 2009.

For the disease status for England and Wales or the latest reported confirmed outbreaks in England and Wales.

Serious fish and shellfish diseases

You must contact the Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) if fish or shellfish:

Reduce the spread of disease in fish and shellfish

You can help control the spread of disease if you:

Control areas for notifiable disease outbreaks

If a notifiable disease is confirmed, FHI places controls in place to limit the spread of disease (these are known as confirmed designations).

If your fish or shellfish are in an area under a control areas you must:

  • comply with any conditions issued by FHI
  • get written permission from the FHI to move fish and/or shellfish and equipment (allow at least 5 working days)


Areas with controls in place to limit the spread of koi herpesvirus disease (KHV):




You can use an interactive map (Desktop Mobile to view shellfish disease controls across Great Britain.

Alternatively below are individual maps of areas under our control for each disease:

Bonamia ostreae

Oyster herpesvirus

Marteilia refringens



Telephone: 01305 206700

Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5pm, Friday 9am to 4:30 pm

Fish Health Inspectorate

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Environment Agency

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S60 1BY


Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm 0370 8506 506

From outside the UK +44 1709 389 201

Published 16 May 2014
Last updated 7 May 2021 + show all updates
  1. A new confirmed designation for 2021 now listed

  2. Controls lifted on 2019 KHV confirmed sites due to no occurrence of an outbreak of KHV disease while under controls.

  3. One Confirmed Designation Updated, and one new designation listed under Oyster herpesvirus

  4. A new confirmed designation published CD11.2020

  5. Two new confirmed designations listed and CD08.2020 amended

  6. A new confirmed designation listed CD08.2020

  7. A new confirmed designation listed CD07.2020

  8. 2 new confirmed designation listed

  9. CD04.2020 map up-dated

  10. New outbreak of KHV added to the 2020 list

  11. List updated with the confrimed outbreak of KHV at Churchmere.

  12. List updated with a new confirmed outbreak of KHV at Tylers Common Fishery, Brentwood, Essex - 3 July 2020.

  13. 2020 status updated

  14. A new outbreak for 2020 to list

  15. Controls now lifted for KHV disease outbreaks, list updated to reflect this change.

  16. A new outbreak listed

  17. A new outbreak listed

  18. A new outbreak to publish

  19. Confirmed disease outbreak at a new location - list updated.

  20. A new outbreak listed

  21. A new outbreak posted

  22. Added Sivyers Lake, Middlesex - 13 September

  23. Added JCB Lakes - Rocester, Staffordshire - 30 August

  24. Listed updated with confrimed disease outbreak.

  25. Updated list with new confrimed disease outbreak.

  26. Added Alders Farm Fishery - Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire - 12 August

  27. Added Newt Pond, Haverhill, Suffolk

  28. Added Theydon Bois Valley Lakes, Essex

  29. Added Ash Ponds, Somerset

  30. KHV disease controls have been applied at: Orsett Reservoir, Greys, Essex – 24 July

  31. Added new outbreak Mescar Fishery, Liverpool, Merseyside – 22 July

  32. Updated the page to include the disease status of england wales page.

  33. CD02/2019 now lifted following Disinfection and a fallow period

  34. CD01/2019 now lifted following a full disinfection of the site and Fallowing period

  35. A newer revised document is now available

  36. Removed controls lifted.

  37. Update list with new outbreak.

  38. list updated with missed outbreak from 2016 that is still inplace.

  39. Included the list for a new outbreak for 2019.

  40. List updated

  41. New outbreak to include in the list.

  42. List updated

  43. List is updated with a new outbreak

  44. New outbreak

  45. List updated with a new outbreak

  46. List updated with a new outbreak

  47. List updated with a new confrimed outbreak

  48. List updated with a new confrimed outbreak

  49. Updated the list with a new outbreak

  50. List updated

  51. The list has been updated with a new outbreak

  52. List updated with a new CD

  53. Listed updated with a new putbreak confirmed

  54. List updated with new confirmed outbreaks of KHV

  55. List updated with confrimed outbreak of KHV

  56. List updated with a new outbreak

  57. Updated the list with a new updated outbreak

  58. Updated document

  59. List updated with new outbreak for 2018

  60. List for new outbreaks updated

  61. Removed Swallows

  62. New outbreak to add to the list

  63. Updated the outbreak list.

  64. Updated the list of new outbreaks for 2018

  65. CD04 included to the list of outbreaks for 2018

  66. Three new KHV outbreak attachments added for 2018

  67. Confrimed Designations from 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 and some of the sites in 2016. They list has been removed from this page and has been moved to the press release page 'Outbreaks of Koi herpesvirus disease' and added to the list of finished outbreaks. And the CD for Manderson Trust Lakes from 2017 attachment has been included.

  68. Added Cleverley Mare, Essex

  69. Added Boating Lake, Northamptonshire

  70. Added White Shots Reservoir, Essex and The Cunneries, Lancashire

  71. Added Hampstead Heath Ponds, London

  72. Added Lea Farm Lakes, Berkshire

  73. Removed The Jungle, Derbyshire

  74. Added Windsor View Lakes, Berkshire

  75. Added Danson Park, Kent; The Jungle, Derbyshire and Frogmore Fishery, Hertfordshire

  76. Added Cleveley Bridge Fishery Complex, Lancashire

  77. Added Sam Hosticks Fisheries, East Yorkshire

  78. Added Willows Farm Fishery, Hertfordshire Removed Porton Ventures, Wiltshire

  79. Added Tyersal Hall Fishery, West Yorkshire

  80. Added Newlake, Humberside

  81. Added Bannister House Fishery, Lancashire

  82. Added Porton Ventures UK Ltd

  83. Added Meadows Fishery and Manor Park Fishery, Staffordshire

  84. Added Mansfield Lake, Kent

  85. Added designation notice for Risbey Park Fisheries, Beverley

  86. Added The Lakeside, Surrey

  87. Added East Sussed: Swanborough Fishing Lake

  88. Added details for SVC at Arden Lakes, Warwickshire

  89. Removed confirmed designations for: Gorsty Hall Fishing Lakes (Cheshire), Coopers Arms Lake and Weston Moat Fishery (Derbyshire), Frant Lakes (East Sussex), Morehall Fishery (South Yorkshire), Tin Mill Dam (South Yorkshire), Henstead Fishing Lakes (Suffolk), Crossways Business Park (Kent), Barford Lakes (Norfolk), and Willinghurst Fisheries (Surrey).

  90. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Lodge Farm Fisheries, South Yorkshire.

  91. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Curborough Fishery, Staffordshire

  92. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Coppice Lane Pools, Staffordshire

  93. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for The Hunstrete Fishery, Avon

  94. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Knightsland Farm Lake, Essex

  95. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Melton Ponds, Norfolk

  96. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Ash Grove Lake, Derbyshire

  97. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Kiverton Farm Fisheries, South Yorkshire

  98. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Five House Farm Reservoir, Hertfordshire

  99. Added a revised oyster herpesvirus confirmed designation which covers Kent and Essex.

  100. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Thorpe Lea Fishery, Surrey

  101. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Fields Farm Fishery, Cheshire

  102. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Portland Fishing Lakes, Nottinghamshire

  103. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Jacobs Water, Nottinghamshire

  104. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Bells Mill Fisheries, West Midlands

  105. Added designation for Manea Pit, Cambridgeshire

  106. Added confirmation note for Frisby Water Park, Leicestershire

  107. Added designation note for Packington Somers Fishery

  108. Added the confirmation for Cromwell Lake, Cambridgeshire

  109. Added confirmation details for Ferens Lake, East Yorkshire

  110. Added KHV disease confirmed designations for Mallory Park Fishery, Leicestershire, and Hayfield Fishery, South Yorkshire

  111. Added KHV confirmed designation for Heron Pond, Nottinghamshire

  112. Added KHV confirmed designation for Corner House Farm Lake, Staffordshire

  113. Updated all confirmed designations for Oyster herpesvirus and Bonamia ostreae with a new condition.

  114. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Fleetwood Reservoir, Lancashire

  115. Add KHV disease confirmed designations for Aston Park, South Yorkshire, and The Barns, Cornwall

  116. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Albert Park Lake, North Yorkshire

  117. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Bierley Woods Waters, West Yorkshire

  118. Added KHV confirmed designation for The Glebe Lakes, Leicestershire

  119. Removed KHV confirmed designation for Maidenhead Aquatics, Greater London

  120. Added KHV confirmed designations for Greater London and Lincolnshire

  121. CD03/2016 added

  122. CD02/2016

  123. CD01/2016 - site no longer under any official disease controls

  124. New KHV confirmed designation: Shuttleworth College Fish Farm, Bedfordshire

  125. Confirmed designations for KHV removed on Whitevane Pond, Jeagor Farm, Boat Shed Pool, Ferens Lake, Brocket Hall, Noak Hill Fishery, and The Duckery

  126. Added confirmed designation for Oyster herpesvirus at River Teign, Devon

  127. Revised Bonamia ostreae confirmed designations

  128. Added extension to Oyster Herpesvirus Confirmed Designation in Kent

  129. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Ellis Lake Fishery, Essex. Added conditions to the confirmed designation for Marteilia.

  130. Added KHV disease confirmed designations for Lake Ross, Woodlands Fishery, and Bourne Farm Pond in Lincolnshire

  131. Added KHV disease confirmed designation for Thornborough Pond, Northumberland

  132. Added KHV confirmed designation for Washing Pool, Worcestershire

  133. Amended Oyster herpesvirus confirmed designation in Kent

  134. Added KHV confirmed designation for Railway Lakes, Cambridgeshire

  135. New KHV outbreak confirmed in West Yorkshire

  136. Ruddy Pond Lakes confirmed designation added.

  137. Added KHV designation for Morgans & Woodstock Ponds, Gwent

  138. Added confirmed designation for KHV at Bankend Fisheries, South Yorkshire

  139. Updated Oyster Herpesvirus confirmed designations for Poole Harbour, Dorset, and Whitstable Bay, Kent

  140. Removed River Crouch, Blackwater and Colne confirmed designation and replaced it with a single designation which also includes the River Roach.

  141. Removed KHV confirmed designations for Burton Farm Fisheries, Church Pond, Kingsdown Road Flash and Canvey Lake

  142. Removed confirmed designation for Abbey Waters, Norfolk

  143. Removed confirmed designations for Bradshaw Hall, Risby Park, Cuckoo Mere and Bee Fold Fishery.

  144. Removed confirmed designation for Aldercar Lane Fishery Lakes, Nottinghamshire, and Alcott Farm Fishery, Worcestershire

  145. Added new confirmed designation for KHV in Staffordshire

  146. Added confirmed designation for KHV in Wiltshire

  147. Added Wellow Dam KHV confirmed designation

  148. Updated Trinity Waters confirmed designation

  149. Added KHV confirmed designation

  150. Added two KHV confirmed designations for Essex

  151. Confirmed Designation added for Haddon Lakes, Cambridgeshire.

  152. New 'notice of confirmed designation' inserted under the Shellfish/Oyster Herpesvirus heading for the River Crouch.

  153. Added KHV confirmed designation

  154. Added KHV confirmed designation

  155. Added 3 KHV confirmed designations

  156. Added KHV confirmed designation

  157. Added confirmed designation for KHV

  158. Added KHV confirmed designation

  159. Added KHV confirmed designation

  160. Added Bonehill Mill Fishery Confirmed KHV Designation

  161. Confirmed designation added

  162. Added confirmed designation notice and map

  163. First published.