Medium combustion plant and specified generator permits: how to comply

The monitoring, record keeping and reporting you must do and how you’ll be regulated.

Applies to England and Wales

You must be able to demonstrate your medium combustion plant (MCP) or specified generator emissions are protecting air quality.

For your MCP or specified generator you must:

  • hold the correct environmental permit by the required deadline
  • meet the conditions of that permit by the compliance date

If your combustion plant generates electricity both the MCP and/or specified generator regulations may apply to your plant. You must make sure you’re complying with the correct regulations. If both apply, you must meet the stricter controls by the earliest deadline.

For mobile MCPs, the owner is responsible for complying with the permit. This includes:

  • maintenance and monitoring
  • reporting and notifying

If you already have or you need an environmental permit for your installation and it has a MCP or specified generator see how to meet the requirements for:

Monitoring requirements

Operators must test emissions from each unit (unless the permit has a different condition) to demonstrate compliance with emission limits.

Read the monitoring requirements for MCP – when you must start and the frequency.

The permit will specify the monitoring method you must use. Usually:

Records and reporting

You must keep records and report to the regulators as set out in the permit.

You’ll normally be required to send monitoring returns within 4 months of the date of permit issue or the date of the start of operation, whichever is later. The frequency after this will be specified in the permit conditions.

You must keep records of the plant operation for at least 6 years.

Changes to operations

You must notify the regulator immediately of:

  • any non-compliance event and ensure compliance is restored within the shortest possible time
  • changes to the combustion plant which could affect the applicable ELVs

For example, if an incident occurs.

How you’ll be regulated

The regulators will assess compliance by doing:

  • desk based inspections
  • site inspections

The regulators will use the monitoring returns you submit to assess compliance.

If you do not comply

The regulators can require you to suspend plant operation if your MCP or specified generator fails to comply with ELVs and causes significant damage to air quality.

If non-compliance continues the regulators may take enforcement action against you. See the:

Published 15 July 2019