Medium combustion plant and specified generator regulations

Find out if you need an environmental permit, if you can meet permit requirements and how to follow the application process.

These guides define a medium combustion plant and a specified generator and explain:

  • which combustion plant are excluded from the regulations
  • what size combustion plants are covered by the regulations and how to work out their capacity
  • how the age of the combustion plant and its size affects the deadline for when you must have your permit issued by
  • how to meet permit requirements
  • the types of permit available, how much they cost and how to apply for them

Check if you need a permit

Work out if your medium combustion plant and/or your specified generator is covered by the regulations.

Check your combustion plant can meet permit conditions

The controls your combustion plant must meet to improve air quality.

Apply for a permit

Select the right type of permit and submit the required information and fee with your application.

Comply with your permit

Meet the monitoring and reporting requirements and tell the regulator about any changes.

Published 15 July 2019