Mapping public sector assets

To encourage the rollout of networks, local authorities may wish to map their assets.

Local authorities are encouraged to identify suitable assets and infrastructure that they own that could be made available to support the installation of fixed and mobile networks. Such assets might include: underground ducts, dark fibre networks, buildings, CCTV networks, streetlights and other street furniture.

Examples include the creation of a database of the available infrastructure, which would increase transparency and reduce the time and costs of network deployment. Industry could use this information to develop their plans for the rollout of fixed and/or mobile infrastructure in that area.

Information that local authorities may wish to consider sharing to assist operators to assess the suitability of the public sector sites or assets may include:

  • the location of the site
  • confirmation that the site meets any relevant regulatory requirements and is viable for telecoms use
  • confirmation that there are no known factors which may impact deployment of telecoms infrastructure at that site

Local authorities could also use this information to help to encourage investment in underserved areas by highlighting publicly owned assets that can be used for digital infrastructure deployment.

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Published 20 December 2018