Make better use of data

Consider how to minimise data collection and reuse data to avoid duplication of datasets.

To meet point 10 of the Technology Code of Practice your plans must show you’ve considered minimising data collection and duplication.

You’ll have to explain how you’re meeting point 10 as part of the spend control process or any limitations you’ve encountered that prevented you from achieving this.

How minimising data collection and duplication will help your programme

Minimising data collection and duplication will mean your project benefits from:

  • adhering to the Government Transformation Strategy and the UK Digital Strategy
  • saving time and money by reusing open data that is already available
  • infrastructure and services that contain consistent information
  • giving your users a more consistent experience when using government services online, which builds trust
  • potentially reducing unnecessary new demands for data storage

How your programme can make better use of data

When using data your obligations include:

To make better use of data consider:

  • making sure newly collected data can be made easily accessible to APIs for future use
  • minimising the amount of data shared for achieving a specific purpose (large amounts of personal information should not be shared or copied unnecessarily)
  • using common standards and patterns to ensure data can be easily analysed, and where appropriate, shared with other departments
  • understanding best practices for collecting, storing, analysing and sharing data from other departments, other governments and other sectors
  • keeping data for only as long as necessary, and securely deleting the data when it’s no longer needed

Policies and guidance available includes:

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