Legal aid: eForms

Register with LAA online to send civil forms POA1 and crime forms CRM4, CRM4a, CRM5 and CRM7 and (in some areas) CRM14 with guidance.

Changes to eForms system

The eForm changes guidance (PDF, 440KB, 3 pages)details these changes.

Sign up for eForms

eForms is a secure online system through which you can make applications for legal aid and submit claims for payment.

If your firm has existing eForms users, your eForms administrator can register new users for your firm. Please see the ‘Registering a new user’ quick guide below.

If your firm does not currently use eForms, please email, including your firm name, LAA account number, and the names and email addresses of all users to be granted access. LAA will send you details of how to access eForms via LAA online.

eForms available

Civil eForms

  • POA1 – payments on account

Barrister POA should still be submitted by paper.

Crime eForms

  • CRM4 – application for prior authority to incur disbursements in criminal cases
  • CRM4a (PDF, 217KB, 2 pages)
  • CRM5 – application for extension of upper limit
  • CRM7
  • CRM14 – with an applicant’s CRM14 guidance (PDF, 1.12MB, 6 pages) submissions and Getting started (PDF, 930KB, 2 pages)

For more information about the CRM14, go to crime eForms.

Quick guides

Registering a new user (PDF, 385KB, 2 pages)

Submitting an eForm (PDF, 230KB, 2 pages)

Tracking eForms (PDF, 295KB, 2 pages)

Reviewer role (PDF, 227KB, 2 pages)

CRM4 guidance (PDF, 393KB, 2 pages)

CRM4a guidance (PDF, 189KB, 2 pages)

CRM5 guidance (PDF, 504KB, 2 pages)

CRM7 guidance (PDF, 364KB, 2 pages)

POA guidance (PDF, 350KB, 4 pages)

Civil reject code guidance (PDF, 185KB, 1 page)

Uploading from a case management system (PDF, 423KB, 3 pages)

Registering a new user to eForms (MS Word Document, 70KB)

Finding your returned (rejected) or reassigned form (PDF, 517KB, 1 page)

Reassigning a CRM14 form (PDF, 784KB, 3 pages)

Using TABs (PDF, 939KB, 4 pages)

CRM14 Training Videos

If you are new to submitting CRM14 criminal legal aid applications electronically, you will find the following tutorial videos helpful:

An introduction to the CRM14 eForm

An introduction to the CRM14 eForm

An introduction to the CRM14 eForm benefit checker

An introduction to the CRM14 eForm benefit checker

An introduction to date stamping the CRM14 eForm

An introduction to date stamping the CRM14 eForm


Technical support

Telephone: 0300 200 2020

Processing queries

Telephone: Criminal Applications Team: 0300 200 2020

Published 1 June 2014
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  2. Guidance on eforms system changes published.

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