Legal aid: crime eForm

Use the CRM14 eForm to apply for criminal legal aid online.

CRM14 eForm

You can use the CRM14 eForm to apply online for criminal legal aid throughout England and Wales.

When using the eForm, you also need to complete the Application declaration form and keep a copy on file in case of audit.

You can also use the CRM14 eForm if you are unable to connect to the internet (i.e. offline) – see the ‘CRM14 eForm offline user guide’ below for help with this.

CRM14 eForms are mandatory for criminal legal applications.

In order for the CRM14 eForm to become mandatory a set of enhancements have been implemented. For detailed information on these enhancements, including how to submit non-means tested applications via the CRM14 eForm please read - Guidance on changes to the CRM14 eForm (applications for Criminal Legal Aid) for providers (PDF, 337KB, 8 pages) .

The CRM14 eForm was updated in 2018 to simplify the application process and reduce the number of applications being rejected. Please read Changes to CRM 14 guidance (PDF, 283KB, 2 pages) for more information.

What are the benefits of the CRM14 eForms?

  • date stamping of applications on completion of minimal information
  • allows Providers direct access to the DWP link to confirm clients benefits status prior to submission
  • reduction in the number of rejected applications - you only need to provide the information that is necessary based on the individual case type/client
  • incorporates the CRM14 and CRM15 into one form.
  • CRM14 eForm uses technology providers are already familiar with (same as the CRM4s, 5s and 7s)
  • less paperwork to keep on file
  • immediate communication relating to queries and the overall outcome

CRM14 eForm user guide (PDF, 1.12MB, 6 pages)

CRM14 eForm offline user guide (PDF, 956KB, 5 pages)

CRM14 eForm evidence after submission user guide (PDF, 441KB, 2 pages)

Reassigning a CRM14 form (PDF, 315KB, 3 pages)

CRM14 Training Videos

If you are new to submitting CRM14 criminal legal aid applications electronically, you will find the following tutorial videos helpful:

An introduction to the CRM14 eForm

An introduction to the CRM14 eForm

An introduction to the CRM14 eForm benefit checker

An introduction to the CRM14 eForm benefit checker

An introduction to date stamping the CRM14 eForm

An introduction to date stamping the CRM14 eForm

You can also submit the following applications electronically:

Details of the appropriate CAT team for your area can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions document below.

Support and guidance

In addition to the Quick User Guides and Training Videos above, you may also find the following useful:

For additional quick guides on using some of the generic features of the eForms portal such as tracking, returning a rejected application go to the Legal Aid: eForms page.

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