HM Land Registry portal: reply to requisition

How Business e-services customers can reply to requisitions using the portal.

If you submitted your application using the HM Land Registry portal or submitted your application by post, you are able to reply to requisition using your portal account.

Please note, this function is not currently available for Network Services or Business Gateway applications.

Add documents and/or notes to existing application

If after you have lodged an application, you realise that you forgot to submit a document or some relevant information, you can add it using the ‘Reply to a Requisition’ function, even after you submitted it. You don’t need to have received a requisition from us to use ‘Reply to Requisition’.

Reply to requisition

Check any documents we have requested have been scanned.

Login to portal.

  1. Select ‘Reply to Requisition’.

  2. Identify application: enter the HM Land Registry reference or title number for the original application and select ‘Search’. Select the appropriate application
  3. Attachments: document: select ‘Choose file’ to find the document you are attaching.
    You must choose the correct certification statement for each document attached, or your application may be delayed.
    Select ‘Attach’.
    Notes: add any explanatory notes in support of (or in place of) any attachments, or simply to provide a text response to a requisition.

Repeat as necessary and once all the required documents have been attached, press submit.

reply to requisition screenshot


When you have completed your tasks, select ‘Logout’ at the top of the screen to exit the system securely.

Further information

Published 7 November 2016