Information required from registered providers

The information required by the Regulator of Social Housing and the deadlines for submission.

The regulator’s information requirements

The regulator needs to collect and hold reliable information (both statistical data in data returns and other non-statistical information) so that it can undertake its functions. The regulator will use this information to assess compliance with the regulatory framework and to produce statistical information. We are committed to minimising the burden of our information requirements through the best use of information that providers will readily have to hand, or may have published, as part of their routine business activity.

The regulator expects providers to produce the information and documents it requires on a timely basis. Where the regulator has evidence that information of any nature has not been submitted or is late, incomplete, or inaccurate, this may be reflected in our judgement of a provider’s compliance with the regulatory standards. In particular, but not exclusively, it may provide evidence of a breach of the specific expectation in the Governance and Financial Viability Standard to communicate with the regulator in an accurate and timely manner, including through regulatory returns.

The tables below set out a summary of our routine data requirements and the deadlines for submission. Please submit the returns as early as possible. There are different requirements for those providers which own fewer than 1,000 social housing units and those which own 1,000 units or more. Local authorities do not need to submit the information below.

Data returns

Data returns Deadline Which providers
Statistical Data Return 31 May each year All registered providers (shorter returns for providers owning fewer than 1,000 social housing units)
Financial Forecast Return (FFR) to be accompanied with business plan and other supporting documentation. 30 June each year final deadline for all providers with 31 March financial year end. Providers are encouraged to submit within 6 weeks of their business plan being approved by their board, where this is earlier than 30 June All registered providers that own 1,000 or more social housing units
Quarterly Survey 3 weeks after each quarter end All registered providers that own 1,000 or more social housing units
Electronic Annual Accounts 6 months after financial year end All registered providers that own 1,000 or more social housing units
Disposal Proceeds Fund Annual Return 30 June each year All providers that have had transactions requiring net disposal proceeds to be shown in a Disposal Proceeds Fund

Regulatory documents

Regulatory documents Deadline Which providers
Annual accounts (including a self-assessment of value for money) No later than 6 months after the financial year end All registered providers
Audit management letter As above All registered providers with audited accounts
Fraud report As above All registered providers that own 1,000 or more social housing units
Disposal notifications    
Quarterly notification 3 weeks after each quarter end All registered providers who have made relevant disposals that require notification
Priority notification 3 weeks after date of relevant disposal As above

Quarterly survey 2018 to 2019 submission dates

Quarter Planned opening date Closing date
Q1 15 June 2018 20 July 2018
Q2 14 September 2018 19 October 2018
Q3 21 December 2018 22 January 2019
Q4 1 April 2019 23 April 2019

Disposal notifications

From 6 April 2017 providers must notify the regulator about some types of disposals they have made. Further information about the requirements is available on the Notifications about disposals page. Disposal notifications must be submitted through NROSH+ where a standard form is available.

How registered providers should submit information

RSH collects this financial and statistical data from private registered providers through NROSH+ (except for the Disposal Proceeds Fund annual return). NROSH+ is a website for all registered providers (except local authority providers) to submit their annual data returns – the information and supporting documents which we require so we can regulate them effectively.

As a provider, it is essential that you supply accurate and timely data – the data returns are an important way in which we monitor big financial risks and regulate the sector. Further guidance on submitting NROSH+ data returns is provided on the NROSH+ website. Guidance on submitting annual accounts and audit management letters is provided below.

The Disposal Proceeds Fund annual return is submitted on the IMS system. Further information on the requirements for an annual return is available from the Disposal Proceeds Fund page.

Annual accounts and audit management letters

The process for submitting annual accounts and audit management letters, including the potential regulatory action for those that submit them late, is detailed in the guidance below.

Guidance on submitting annual accounts

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How to use NROSH+

To use NROSH+ effectively, it is important that you:

  • log into the NROSH+ website
  • keep your contact and organisational information up-to-date – this is important as we regularly inform providers on any changes to our data collection process using the contact details logged in NROSH+
  • use the latest templates for each return to prepare and submit data
  • use the guidance provided on the NROSH+ site
  • submit data as early as possible, within the survey period.

Queries about NROSH+

Questions about using NROSH+ should be sent to the Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team and 0300 124 5225.

This page and the guidance document was updated in January 2018 with new contact details.

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