​Transparency, Influence and Accountability (including Tenant Satisfaction Measures)

Standards, requirements and guidance for social landlords in England on transparency, influence and accountability, including Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs).

This standard incorporates the published requirements on TSMs that came into force from April 2023 under the TSM Standard. The Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard replaces the TSM Standard.


Outcomes landlords must deliver about being open with tenants and treating them with fairness and respect so that tenants can access services, raise complaints, influence decision making and hold their landlord to account.


The Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard requires all registered providers of social housing to collect and report annually on their performance using a core set of defined measures. We call these measures the Tenant Satisfaction Measures. The TSMs provide tenants with greater transparency about their landlord’s performance.

The information must meet the requirements set out in both Tenant Satisfaction Measures: Technical requirements and Tenant Satisfaction Measures: Tenant Survey requirements.

Note: We made minor updates to the TSM Technical requirements document on 15 March 2024, to confirm how CH01 and CH02 will reflect the Housing Ombudsman Service’s new 2024 Complaints Handling Code. The Code sets definitions for complaints and the timescales for responding to complaints. The new Code applies from 1 April 2024.


Guidance documents related to the outcomes in the Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard.

Published 2 April 2024