Industrial Heat Recovery Support programme (closed to applications)

The Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) programme was designed to encourage and support investment in heat recovery technologies.

Programme closed to applications

The IHRS Programme closed to applications as of 31 July 2020, but runs until March 2022.

About the programme

The Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) programme was designed to encourage and support investment in heat recovery technologies. This means helping businesses identify and invest in opportunities for recovering and reusing heat that would otherwise be wasted. Recovered waste heat can be used in many ways, helping businesses lower their fuel costs, reduce waste heat and cut emissions. Usage includes:

  • within the same industrial facility
  • by another end-user (for example a heat network)
  • by converting the waste heat to power

The programme objectives were to:

  • increase industry confidence to invest in technologies to recover heat from industrial processes
  • increase deployment of such technologies in England and Wales

Funding (from a total pot of £18 million) was allocated through a competitive process. Scoring criteria is provided in the programme guidance documents.

The programme was split into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: conceptualise and define the areas where your business could reuse waste heat; assess costs and benefits
  • Phase 2: the delivery stage: detailed design, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation start-up and monitoring and evaluation

Projects were funded from 3 different entry points:

  • feasibility study and preliminary engineering (Phase 1); or
  • preliminary engineering only (for applicants who have already undertaken a feasibility study independent of the IHRS) (Phase 1); or
  • detailed design and delivery (Phase 2)

All grant funding was provided in line with state aid rules.

Successful applicants

IHRS successful applications (PDF, 212 KB, 14 pages)

This document provides:

  • a record of successful applicants
  • their sectors, regions and heat recovery technologies
  • the grant funding committed in each assessment window

Case studies

Application guidance

The Programme Guidance Note / Questions and Answers document provide an overview of the IHRS:

Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) programme: guidance note (PDF, 994 KB, 42 pages)
Questions / answers about the programme (PDF, 408 KB, 17 pages)

This zip file contains the application forms and workbooks, guidance, and Grant Offer Letter and Grant Funding Agreement templates.

IHRS guidance resources (ZIP, 7.69 MB)

Programme scope

The programme was open to:

  • companies in all industrial manufacturing sectors as set out in the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes 10 to 33
  • data centres (SIC Code 63110), given their emerging significance and high impact potential
  • third party companies, to apply as the main applicant, on behalf of sites operated by companies within the eligible SIC codes


If you have any questions about the programme, please get in touch with our delivery partner ICF:

Phone: 020 3096 3106

Published 20 July 2018
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  1. Case studies for DC Intelligence Ltd, Jobling Purser and Long Clawson added.

  2. Added case studies for JJ Bioenergy, Pilkington, Yeo Valley.

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  4. Programme closed to applications as of 31 July 2020.

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