Importing horses if there's a no-deal Brexit

Rules for importing horses and other equines if there’s a no-deal Brexit.

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If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the rules for importing equines from the EU to the UK will not change straightaway, although there is a new system to notify the UK authorities.

There will be no immediate change to the current entry documentation for horses which enter the UK:

  • from France using a Commercial Document (DOCOM)
  • from Ireland without any animal health documentation

Other horses from the EU will continue to be able to travel using a health certificate. Registered horses can also continue to travel using veterinary health attestations.

Equines originating in the EU will not have to enter the UK via a border inspection post.

Horses in the UK for racing or competition

EU owners returning horses to the EU can use a streamlined re-entry process for registered horses that have been in the UK for less than 30 days for racing or competitions. Under EU rules, these horses will need a health certificate or veterinary health attestation from their own country proving when the animal left the EU.

In this streamlined re-entry process, animals still need an EHC and equine ID but do not need to have blood tests or meet the same residency and isolation requirements.

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Notifying the UK authorities

Although the documents you need to import will not change, the process to notify the UK authorities will change.

If you import from a non-EU country you’ll need to use the IPAFFS system.

Equines imported from the EU and travelling with a health certificate or DOCOM should use the IV66 form.

As now, notification will not be required for horses:

  • travelling with a veterinary health attestation
  • travelling from Ireland with no animal health documentation

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Published 8 October 2019