Call for project proposals on the theme ‘Smart Cities in Vietnam’ for financial year 2017/18.

The UK Vietnam Fund is a flexible and effective tool enabling the British Embassy to support projects linked to the UK government’s priorities in Vietnam.

The British Embassy is pleased to announce a call for project proposals focusing on the theme ‘Smart Cities in Vietnam’ for financial year 2017/18.


To support Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in developing an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Architecture as part of its ambitious ‘Smart Cities’ plans.


HCMC has a plan to develop the City into a Smart City for the 2017-2020 period, with vision towards 2025. The UK is keen to support HCMC in realising this ambitious plan and we have been working closely with the City Department of Transport to support its efforts to build an Intelligent Transport System as part of the City’s wider strategy. With a focus on transport, we would like to invite interested bidders to submit their proposals in supporting the HCMC Department of Transport to develop an Intelligent Transport System Architecture for the City. Such a system architecture is an essential part of an overall ITS master plan and provides a strategic framework for future planning, development, implementation and integration of various ITS sub-systems. The end result would present the City with an ITS Architecture that clearly defines the main components as well as its inter-dependence and inter-operability amongst them.

A satisfactory ITS Architecture must deliver these following objectives:

(1) Provide a strategic vision for the development of an ITS for HCMC;

(2) Advise on an ITS framework that takes into consideration the transport infrastructure of the City and also allows flexibility for the City’s expanding requirements as well as the advancement of new technologies in the future. The ITS architecture should also ensure compatibility and inter-operability of the different sub-systems;

(3) Provide Ho Chi Minh City with a clear and concise document that could be used to engage with a wider range of stakeholders, including potential investors, consultants and companies offering transport solutions, enabling them to understand the City’s overall ITS strategy and potential areas for interventions.

Bidding information:

Potential bidders are encouraged to initiate discussions with Mr Đoàn Minh Huy - Official of Department of the Transport of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee at to learn more about how to best meet HCMC requirement when preparing their bids. You are also encouraged to keep in touch with the British Consulate General to discuss your proposal before submitting the bid, notably in order to make sure it has fits well with the strategic priorities outlined above. For any inquiry regarding this call, please contact Ms Le Hoang Mai Giao– Senior Commercial Officer of the British Consulate General at

The total funding available for this package is up to £40,000. Project activities should be ready to start from October 2017, or as soon thereafter as the grant contract has been signed. The activities should end by January 2018 at the latest. At least 85% of project budget must be spent by 15 Dec 2017.

You are invited to fill in the Project Proposal Form (MS Word Document, 294KB) . A full breakdown of costs in an Activity based budget (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 46KB) must also be submitted with all proposals and following the expenditure rules set out in UN-EU cost norm 2015. Bids should be submitted by email to: Ms Hoang Hong Hanh - Programmes and Projects Coordinator at by 29 August 2017 at the latest.

Successful bidder will be notified during the week commencing 18 September 2017.

If the successful bidder is a government agency, not for profit organisation, NGO or civil society, we will sign a standard grant contract. For businesses, this might be in the form of a commercial contract. The clauses in the commercial contract and grant contract are by default, not negotiable and exceptions are seldom approved. Sample contracts are for your reference. Please ensure that you read and are happy with their terms before applying for funds.

Please find related forms and documents below:

Published 28 July 2017