Buying for schools

3a. Direct selection of a supplier from a framework

How schools can buy goods, works or services from a framework that allows you to directly choose the best-value supplier for your requirements.

Look for suitable framework agreements

Once you’ve developed a specification, look at a range of framework agreements to find those that are suitable for the type of goods, works or services you need to buy. Check with the following organisations:

Once you’ve chosen a framework, read the framework’s process guidelines carefully to make sure you can make a direct selection of a supplier and to understand what the rules are for doing so.

Identify the best-value option and place your order

Follow the framework’s guidelines for selecting a supplier and placing an order.

If you’ve chosen a direct selection framework, this will involve:

  • identifying the best-value option for your requirements from a list of suppliers
  • placing an order based on your specification

If the best-value supplier can’t supply your requirements or doesn’t make you a satisfactory offer, you should use the next best-value supplier.

The framework terms and conditions (or ‘service order terms’) will have already been set as part of the framework agreement. You won’t usually be allowed to change them.

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