School procurement

Buying goods, works and services. Collaborative procurement, finding suppliers, practical tips. Example contracts, timelines and letters.

  1. Buying for schools

    Guidance on how to plan and run an efficient procurement process to buy goods, works or services for your school.

  2. Cloud computing: how schools can move services to the cloud

    Guidance for schools on the benefits and risks of moving information and services to the cloud.

  3. Cloud software services: how schools should protect data

    Data protection guidance for schools considering using cloud services ('the cloud') to hold sensitive information.

  4. Copyright licences for schools

    Licences the Department for Education provides to schools, and where to get advice on buying additional licences.

  5. Leasing and subscription services for school equipment

    Best practice guidance, practical dos and don’ts and suggestions as to how to find the best value for money agreements.

  6. School procurement: bid evaluation scoring summary

    Spreadsheet to help school business managers compare suppliers' bids during a procurement process.

  7. School procurement: example contracts

    Model documents for schools developing a contract with a supplier of goods or services.

  8. School procurement: example letters for the tender process

    Model letters for schools to use with suppliers bidding for high-value and EU-compliant tenders.

  9. School procurement: example timelines

    Example timescales for schools planning a procurement process for goods or services.

  10. School procurement: expression of interest form

    This document includes a blank expression of interest (EOI) form that schools can use to send to suppliers of goods and services.

  11. School procurement: glossary

    Definitions of common procurement terms.

  12. School procurement: Microsoft memorandum of understanding

    How the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Microsoft and the Department for Education can benefit schools.

  13. School procurement: selecting a school MIS

    What schools need to consider when selecting a new management information system (MIS).

  14. Schools’ buying strategy

    An outline of initiatives to help all schools improve how they buy goods and services.