Find, join or create a network for school business professionals

How business professionals working in schools can find, join or create a network of local school business professionals.



This guide describes how business professionals working in schools can join or create a school business professional network. Networks help professionals to connect and share information.

The school business professional networks directory includes groups that provide peer-to-peer support to help with a broad range of work-related activity, including buying for schools.

You can find potential networks by regional schools commissioner (RSC) region. Inclusion in the directory does not constitute a recommendation by the Department for Education.

All levels of staff can benefit from being part of a network. A network offers many opportunities, including:

  • sharing experience and best practice between members and the wider schools sector
  • creating an on-call community to resolve problems quickly, saving time and money
  • getting better value for money through buying together
  • sharing local benchmarking data
  • linking to wider local, regional and national networks
  • supporting innovation
  • being a communication channel between school business professionals, professional bodies and the Department for Education (DfE)
  • promoting local opportunities and providing peer support for members

Find out how a school business manager (SBM) established a peer-support network of 50 schools to share innovative strategies.

Published 22 February 2018
Last updated 4 December 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added CHASBM (Cheshire Association of School Business Managers), a new network in the West Midlands.
  2. Updated school business professional network directory with Stockport Association of School Business Managers, Humber & East Yorkshire School Business Leaders and Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire School Business Practitioners Network.
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