Britain was the first western country to establish diplomatic relations with Mongolia in 1963. Events will be held throughout 2013 to mark the 50th Anniversary.

We report to the British government on political developments in Mongolia. We work closely with the Mongolian government and with political parties inside and outside government, as well as making contacts with a wide range of other people in many different walks of life. We also arrange high-level meetings between Britain and Mongolia.

We tell people in Mongolia about British policies and values, providing information to journalists, teachers, students and others who are interested in Britain. We also provide consular services and assistance for British citizens, unrepresented Commonwealth citizens and some EU nationals, and process visa applications from Mongolians and others who need them to travel to the UK.

Our services

Out-of-hours emergency assistance

British nationals who need emergency assistance outside normal office hours should contact the Global Response Centre in London on +44 207 008 1500.

Make an appointment

The British Embassy Ulaanbaatar operates an appointment only system. You can make an appointment by visiting our Clickbook site.

Please note that appointments can only be made a maximum of one month in advance.

Emergency travel documents

An emergency travel document enables British nationals abroad whose passport is lost/stolen or unavailable because it is being renewed or has been sent for visa application, to make a single or return journey to the UK or another country of residence, via a maximum of five transit countries.

Please make an appointment with either the British Embassy Ulaanbaatar.

Passport renewal

For information on how to apply for your first passport or renew an existing passport, please visit the overseas passport section of this website.

Please note that our embassy cannot deal with individual enquiries about passport applications.


For information on whether you require a visa for the United Kingdom and how to apply go to the UK Border Agency website.

Please note that our embassy cannot deal with individual enquiries about visa applications. For all visa enquiries, please contact the UK Border Agency.

Notarial and documentary services

Information about official documents, certificates, and notes available at British Embassy in Mongolia.

Registering a birth or death

Understanding your legal requirements in Mongolia and how you can register a birth or death, and information on legal documents for couples marrying or entering into civil partnerships abroad.

List of lawyers and interpreters

A list of English speaking lawyers, translators and interpreters who may be able to help you with official translations in Mongolia. Please note that inclusion in this list does not constitute official endorsement by the British Embassy or the UK government.

Prisoner pack

Mongolia - Prisoner Pack: explanation of the legal and prison system to British nationals.

Travel advice for Mongolia

Travel advice for Mongolia: Information, news and updates to ensure you stay safe, avoid problems, and make informed decisions when living or travelling in Mongolia.

Guides we produce

We also produce guides for British nationals who need information about services that are not provided by our embassy , but that you may find useful in specific circumstances.

How else we can help

In addition to the services listed above we can also:

  • provide information about transferring funds

  • provide appropriate help if you have suffered rape or serious assault, are a victim of other crime, or are in hospital

  • help people with mental illness

  • do all we properly can to contact you within 24 hours of being told that you have been detained

  • offer support and help in a range of other cases, such as child abductions, death of relatives overseas, missing people and kidnapping

  • contact family or friends for you if you want

  • make special arrangements in cases of terrorism, civil disturbances or natural disasters

UK law says we have to charge for some services. Details of our current fees and the standards of service you can expect to receive are on display in all our consular offices

What our embassy cannot do for you

Although we try to help British nationals in a wide range of situations, we cannot:

  • get you out of prison, prevent the local authorities from deporting you after your prison sentence, or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings

  • help you enter a country, for example, if you do not have a visa or your passport is not valid, as we cannot interfere in another country’s immigration policy or procedures

  • give you legal advice, investigate crimes or carry out searches for missing people, although we can give you details of people who may be able to help you in these cases, such as English-speaking lawyers

  • get you better treatment in hospital or prison than is given to local people

  • pay any bills or give you money (in very exceptional circumstances we may lend you some money from public funds, which you will have to pay back)

  • make travel arrangements for you, or find you work or accommodation


For feedback on our services, please email or for more detailed information visit our complaints procedure.

Our people

Christopher Stuart

Christopher Stuart

British Ambassador to Mongolia

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    British Embassy Ulaanbaatar

    Peace Avenue 30, Bayanzurkh District

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    Passport collection times:
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