In 1963 Britain became the first western country to establish diplomatic relations with Mongolia.

We actively promote British policies, values and investment opportunities for both British and Mongolian companies in the UK and Mongolia respectively. To achieve this we work closely with the Mongolian government and private contacts from a wide range of sectors, including construction, mining, education and green growth industries.

We report to the British government on political developments in Mongolia and help to arrange high-level meetings between the UK and Mongolia. We also provide consular services and assistance for British citizens, unrepresented Commonwealth citizens and some EU nationals.

Our services

Out-of-hours emergency assistance

British nationals who need emergency assistance outside normal office hours should call + 976-11-458133 where they will be given details on how to contact Consular staff at the Global Response Centre. They will be able to offer basic advice on urgent issues.

Get an emergency travel document

You can apply for an emergency travel document if you’re abroad and your passport has been lost or stolen, damaged or expired, and you can’t get a new or replacement passport in time to travel.

If you are due to travel in the next 24 hours, contact us as soon as possible.

An emergency travel document does not guarantee entry to every country. Read what an emergency travel document does.

Apply online for an emergency travel document if you:

  • are over 16 years old and
  • are a British citizen and
  • have previously owned a British passport

Contact us to apply for an emergency travel document if you are:

  • over 16 years old but have not owned a British passport before or
  • not a British citizen or
  • applying for a child under 16 years old

Once you have contacted us, you will be advised to make an appointment to apply for an emergency travel document at British Embassy Ulaanbaatar.

Travel advice: for information and advice on travelling to Mongolia, see travel advice for Mongolia.

Visa requirements for Mongolians travelling to the UK

If you are Mongolian and you are planning a trip to the UK, you are reminded that you must obtain a UK visa before travelling. You should apply for your visa as early as you can. You are allowed to apply for a UK visa up to 3 months before you travel.

Please note that the Embassy does not deal with visa matters. For information on whether you need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom and how to apply, please can contact UK Visas and Immigration’s International Enquiry Service.

Notarial and documentary services


The British Embassy can provide a range of notarial and documentary services for British nationals in Mongolia. Where local notaries can provide services, the British Embassy will not provide them. In many cases local notaries or lawyers can provide services more cheaply, quickly and conveniently.

You must complete a service request form and send the completed form with copies of supporting documents to British Embassy Ulaanbaatar.

Before booking, make sure that the document will be accepted by the relevant authority. This could be the local town hall, registry office, tax authorities, immigration office or another authority either in Mongolia, the UK or a third country.

Services we provide in Mongolia

Consular staff in Mongolia can:

  • administer an oath, affirmation or affidavit
  • witness a signature
  • make a certified copy of a document
  • unite documents
  • prepare a document in English or the local language
  • legalise a document

For information about documents relating to marriage, such as a certificate of no impediment (CNI) and affirmations or affidavits of marital status, see getting married abroad.

How to apply for a notarial service or certificate

Please request a service request from the British Embassy Ulaanbaatar.

Supporting documents:

  • the completed oath, affirmation or declaration OR the document you wish to be copied OR the document that you will sign before a witness OR the signature/document to be legalised OR details of the statement of fact you need the embassy/consulate to provide the wording or content and proof it is correct and unambiguous OR the documents to be united
  • your valid passport – this is needed as proof of identity
  • proof of residency or immigration status in Mongolia
  • proof of physical residential address, such as a utility bill or a tenancy contract (if these are in your company’s name, please bring a letter from your company to say where you reside)

Your application will be assessed by consular staff who will contact you within 5 working days of receipt of your application to advise if we are able to provide this service. If we are able to provide this service, you will need to make an appointment with the British Embassy using the link provided. Notarial services delivered by post or courier are not available. Details on how to make an appointment will be provided once your application has been approved. You will need to produce original copies of the supporting documents listed above when you attend your appointment.


We accept payment by cash in the local currency on the day of the appointment. For the cost of all our services please visit our fees page.

Administer an oath, affirmation or affidavit

This service is for people who need to swear an oath, make an affirmation or make an affidavit in front of a consular officer. We will only be able to accept oaths, affirmations or declarations which have been prepared using our template. We are unable to draft documents for you.

Please do not sign the document beforehand as you will be requested to sign it in front of a Consular Officer.

Please be aware that under the Perjury Act 1911 it is a criminal offence to knowingly make a false declaration. Offenders face the possibility of a fine and/or a jail sentence.

Make a certified copy of a document

This service is for customers who need certified photocopies of:

  • British passports,
  • UK educational documents (only those that have been issued in the UK by a recognised institution and are listed on the Legalisation Office website),
  • Home Office registration/naturalisation certificates,
  • British driving licences (both the plastic card and paper document are required)
  • British divorce decrees.

The original document will need to be produced to the British Embassy. We are unable to provide certified photocopies of any other documents, such as (this list is not exhaustive):

  • UK birth, marriage and death certificates: these can be obtained from the relevant
  • General Register Office in the UK
  • foreign documents, such as identity documents, passports, birth, marriage and death certificates, and driving licences
  • bank statements
  • utility bills
  • documents relating to companies, property, wills, change of name, power of attorney

Witness a signature

This service is for customers who need to sign a document and have their signature witnessed by a consular officer. The document must be prepared before your appointment as we will not draft documents for you. For legal reasons, we cannot witness your signature on a personal document, company document, wills or probate, power of attorneys or deed polls. Advice on whether we can provide this service will be given when you make your application. If we can provide this service to you,please do not sign the document before coming to see us, as you will be requested to sign in front of a consular officer.

Unite documents

This service joins documents together using ribbon and a seal and is usually only needed for legal reasons.

Prepare a document in English or Mongolian

This service is for customers who require a signed and stamped version of one of our standard letters.

In a limited number of cases consular staff can write a statement of fact (‘preparing a certificate’) to help British nationals with various local authorities. The wording must be cleared with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, which means these documents will take longer to prepare.

We can only provide this service if we have proof that the wording/content you require is correct and unambiguous. This service is provided at the discretion of consular staff and we can refuse to provide it. Please contact the consulate before making an appointment. We can prepare these documents in English or in the local language. Please ensure you select the correct service and note the difference in fees.

Legalise a signature or seal

This service is for customers who require confirmation that the signature, seal or stamp on a document is genuine. It does not certify the authenticity of a document or give approval of its content. British Embassies are unable to legalise UK public documents. UK public documents can be legalised by the Legalisation Office.

You may need to get a document originating in Mongolia legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before it can be legalised by the British Embassy.

Services provided elsewhere

We no longer witness life certificates for British nationals claiming a British pension abroad. Please refer to the list of people working in a recognised profession who can do this for you.

Other services we provide

List of lawyers and interpreters

A list of English speaking lawyers, translators and interpreters who may be able to help you with official translations in Mongolia. Please note that inclusion in this list does not constitute official endorsement by the British Embassy or the UK government.

List of medical facilities

A list of hospitals & other medical service providers in Mongolia. Please note that inclusion in this list does not constitute official endorsement by the British Embassy or the UK Government.

List of funeral directors

A list of funeral directors who may be able to assist in international repatriation, and funeral services in Mongolia. Please note that inclusion in this list does not constitute official endorsement by the British Embassy or the UK government.

Prisoner pack

Mongolia - Prisoner Pack: explanation of the legal and prison system to British nationals.

Travel advice for Mongolia

Travel advice for Mongolia: Information, news and updates to ensure you stay safe, avoid problems, and make informed decisions when living or travelling in Mongolia.

Guides we produce

We also produce guides for British nationals who need information about services that are not provided by our embassy , but that you may find useful in specific circumstances.

How else we can help

In addition to the services listed above we can also:

  • provide information about transferring funds
  • provide appropriate help if you have suffered rape or serious assault, are a victim of other crime, or are in hospital
  • help people with mental illness
  • offer support and help in a range of other cases, such as child abductions, missing people and kidnapping
  • contact family or friends for you if you want
  • make special arrangements in cases of terrorism, civil disturbances or natural disasters or other crises abroad

For more information on the services we can provide, see Support for British nationals abroad: A guide.

UK law says we have to charge for some services. Details of our current fees and the standards of service you can expect to receive are on display in all our consular offices

What our embassy cannot do for you

Although we try to help British nationals in a wide range of situations, we cannot:

  • get you out of prison, prevent the local authorities from deporting you after your prison sentence, or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings
  • help you enter a country, for example, if you do not have a visa or your passport is not valid, as we cannot interfere in another country’s immigration policy or procedures
  • give you legal advice, investigate crimes or carry out searches for missing people, although we can give you details of people who may be able to help you in these cases, such as English-speaking lawyers
  • get you better treatment in hospital or prison than is given to local people
  • pay any bills or give you money (in very exceptional circumstances we may lend you some money from public funds, which you will have to pay back)
  • make travel arrangements for you, or find you work or accommodation

Data protection

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office holds and uses data for purposes notified to the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998. Such personal data may be disclosed to other UK government departments and public authorities.


This information is provided as a general guide and is based upon information provided to the embassy / consulate by the relevant authorities and may be subject to change at any time with little or no notice. Accordingly the FCO and the British embassy / consulate will not be liable for any inaccuracies in this information. For all notarial and legalisation services it is the responsibility of the customer to ascertain the precise requirements of the person requesting the notarial or legalisation service and to satisfy themselves that the service provided by the embassy/consulate will be accepted.


For feedback on our services, please email or for more detailed information visit our complaints procedure.

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