Accredited official statistics

Immigration statistics, year ending September 2021

Quarterly and annual statistics relating to those: coming to the UK, extending their stay, gaining citizenship, applying for asylum, and being detained or removed, as well as immigration for work, study and family reasons, including new visa routes where these are operational.



Immigration statistics, year ending September 2021: data tables.

This release presents immigration statistics from Home Office administrative sources, covering the period up to the end of September 2021. It includes data on the topics of:

  • work
  • study
  • family
  • passenger arrivals and visitors
  • asylum
  • extensions of stay
  • settlement
  • citizenship
  • detention
  • returns

Further information

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A range of key input and impact indicators are currently published by the Home Office on the Migration transparency data webpage.

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Published 25 November 2021

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