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  1. Register of licensed sponsors: workers

  2. Appendix FM 1.0b: family life (as a partner or parent) and private life: 10-year routes

  3. Register of licensed sponsors: students

  4. Nationality checking service: England

  5. Statistics on changes in migrants’ visa and leave status: user guide

  6. Interim operation guidance: discretionary leave for victims of modern slavery

  7. Asylum support: section 4(2) policy

  8. Asylum support: section 4(1) handling transitional cases

  9. Turkey: country policy and information notes

  10. Employer sponsorship: restricted certificate allocations

    • UKVI
    • Guidance
  11. Offender management

  12. Points-based system: sponsor compliance visits

  13. Nationality document return service: Greater London

  14. Nationality document return service: England

  15. Australia: apply for a UK visa

    • UKVI
    • Guidance
  16. European passport return service: Scotland

  17. European passport return service: England

  18. Nationality checking service: Greater London

  19. Albania: country policy and information notes

  20. Travel documents: no time limit

  21. Guidance for dependants of UK visa applicants (Tiers 1, 2, 4, 5)

    • UKVI
    • Guidance
  22. First-tier Tribunal bail

  23. Nationality document return service: Scotland

  24. Entry clearance fees: ECB06

  25. HM forces: partners and children

  26. Registration as a British citizen: children of British parents

  27. Registration as a British citizen: children

  28. Eritrea: country policy and information notes

  29. Management of Risk in Law Enforcement (MoRiLE) based scoring

  30. Iran: country policy and information notes

  31. Bangladesh: country policy and information notes

  32. European passport return service: Greater London

  33. Victims of domestic violence

  34. Kenya: country policy and information notes

  35. Tuberculosis test for a UK visa: clinics in Kenya

  36. Right of abode: guidance

  37. Disclosure of information relating to asylum applications

  38. Nationality document return service: Wales

  39. Renunciation of all types of British nationality: nationality policy guidance

  40. Current account closed or refused based on immigration status

    • UKVI and IE
    • Guidance