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  1. Termination warning notice to Sandymoor Free School

  2. Teacher Recruitment Bulletin

    • DfE and NCTL
    • Correspondence
  3. Minded to terminate letter to Gloucester Academy

  4. Termination warning notice to Sandye Place Academy

  5. T Levels: ministerial direction

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  6. Termination notice to St Anthony’s Trust

  7. Minded to terminate letter to The Grange School

  8. Further Education Commissioner objective setting letter

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  9. SoS writes to Nicola Dandridge (OfS) delegating Prevent monitoring duty

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  10. Physis Heathgates Academy: warning notice

  11. Darul Uloom Leicester: warning notice

  12. Warning notice to the Marine Academy Plymouth

  13. Warning notice to St Anthony’s School

  14. Data protection changes: letter to the supplier community

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  15. The Viking School: warning notice

  16. NAAS: early adopters grants

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  17. Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra Girls School: warning notice

  18. The Acorn School: warning notice

  19. Willows: warning notice

  20. Warning notice to Emslie Morgan Academy

  21. Institute for Apprenticeships: statutory notice

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  22. Darul Hadis Latifiah: warning notice

  23. Horatio House Independent School: warning notice

  24. Promised Land Academy: warning notice

  25. London Christian Learning Centre: warning notice

  26. The Shires: warning notice

  27. Phoenix Academy: warning notice

  28. Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools: warning notice

  29. Warning notice to Central Devon Academy

  30. Warning notice to North Devon Academy

  31. The Japanese School: warning notice

  32. Pre-warning notice to Felixstowe Academy

  33. Pre-warning notice to Cecil Jones Academy

  34. Social work teaching partnerships: S31 grant determination letter

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  35. Staying Put grant: determination letter

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  36. Oakwood School: warning notice

  37. Pre-warning notice to St Anthony's School

    • DfE
    • Correspondence
  38. Sunfield Children’s Home: warning notice

  39. Warning notice to St Giles Academy

  40. Unsted Park School: warning notice