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  1. Policing and Crime Bill: overarching documents

  2. Domestic homicide review: leaflet for family (other languages)

  3. Domestic homicide review: leaflet for friends (other languages)

  4. Domestic homicide review: leaflet for employers and colleagues

  5. Domestic homicide review: leaflet for friends

  6. Domestic homicide review: leaflet for family

  7. National DNA Database statistics

  8. Indecent images of children: guidance for young people

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  9. Criminal records checks for overseas applicants

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  10. Methylphenidate-based drugs and phytocannabinoids: letter from Sarah Newton to the ACMD

    • Home Office
    • Correspondence
  11. Report on review of cash allowance paid to asylum seekers

    • Home Office
    • Research and analysis
  12. Operation Nexus: High Harm

  13. Piloting project SIDE: security information and data exchange

    • Home Office
    • Open consultation
  14. Immigration Act: part 5 - support for certain categories of migrants

  15. Further advice on U-47,700, etizolam and other designer benzodiazepines

    • Home Office and ACMD
    • Correspondence
  16. Application for additional asylum support: form ASF2

  17. User guide to operation of police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation

  18. Operation of police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000, quarterly update to December 2016

  19. Forced Marriage Unit statistics 2016

    • FCO and Home Office
    • Official Statistics
  20. Exceptions to spending controls: recruitment

  21. Exceptions to spending controls: property

  22. Exceptions to spending controls: ICT

  23. Exceptions to spending controls: consultancy

  24. Exceptions to spending controls: advertising and marketing

  25. Workforce management information, 2017

  26. Police pensions: transfer values and pension sharing on divorce

  27. Medical implications of the TASER X2

    • Home Office
    • Independent report
  28. Accredited qualification providers: personal licence to sell alcohol

  29. Country returns guide

    • Home Office and UKVI
    • Transparency data
  30. Crime, policing and fire news update: February 2017

  31. Home Office spending over £25,000: 2016

  32. Home Office procurement card spend over £500: 2016

  33. Home Office prompt payment data 2016 to 2017

    • Home Office
    • Transparency data
  34. Management of adults at risk in immigration detention

  35. Custody images: review of their use and retention

    • Home Office
    • Policy paper
  36. Immigration Act: part 1 - labour market and illegal working

  37. National DNA Database: annual report, 2015 to 2016

  38. Disruptive and investigatory powers: HM government transparency report

    • Home Office
    • Policy paper
  39. Investigatory Powers Bill: codes of practice - superseded

  40. Investigatory Powers Act 2016: codes of practice