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  1. Worcestershire County Council Southern link road: decision letter

  2. Worcestershire County Council Southern link road: inspector's report

  3. DfT: Independent Complaints Assessor report for 2015 to 2016

  4. Search and rescue helicopter (SARH01)

  5. Search and rescue helicopter statistics: July to September 2016

  6. Severn River Crossing plc: financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2015

  7. Rail factsheets: 2016

    • DFT
    • Official Statistics
    • Part of a collection: Rail statistics
  8. Disabled parking badges statistics guidance

    • DFT
    • Guidance
  9. Valid blue badges issued and held (DIS01)

  10. Blue badge withdrawals, prosecutions, lost and stolen badges (DIS03)

  11. Blue badge scheme statistics: 2016

  12. Motor fuel greenhouse gas reporting: amendments

  13. Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation: proposed changes for 2017

  14. DfT: prompt payment performance

    • Transparency data
  15. Strategic salt protocol

    • DFT
    • Guidance
  16. DfT: business appointment rules advice

    • DFT
    • Transparency data
  17. DfT: FOI and EIR disclosure log, October 2016

    • DFT
    • FOI release
  18. Guidance notes relating to EU Regulation 1177/2010 on maritime passenger rights

    • DFT and MCA
    • Guidance
  19. The roads funding package

  20. Oxford to Cambridge expressway strategic study: stage 3 report

  21. A1 East of England strategic study: stage 3 report

  22. Manchester north-west quadrant strategic study stage 3 report

  23. Trans-Pennine tunnel strategic study: stage 3 report

  24. Northern Trans-Pennine strategic study: stage 3 report

  25. Pre-release access lists for road traffic, speeds and congestion

    • DFT
    • Guidance
  26. Road congestion and travel times statistics guidance

    • DFT
    • Guidance
  27. Travel time measures for local ‘A’ roads, England: October 2015 to September 2016

  28. Average speed, delay and reliability of travel times on the SRN (CGN04)

  29. Travel time measures for the Strategic Road Network: October 2015 to September 2016

  30. Average speed and delay on local ‘A’ roads (CGN05)

  31. CDE themed competition: the future of aviation security

  32. List of RVAR exemption orders

  33. Improving access to passenger compensation: response following the ORR's investigation of the Which? super-complaint

    • DFT
    • Policy paper
  34. Train operating companies: passenger’s charter compensation

    • DFT
    • Transparency data
  35. Roll on, roll off international freight: table index

    • DFT
    • Statistical data set
  36. Port freight statistics: 2015 final figures

  37. Roll-on roll-off international freight statistics pre-release access list

    • DFT
    • Guidance
  38. Road goods travelling to mainland Europe, list of active routes, quarterly (RORO09)

  39. Road goods and powered goods travelling to mainland Europe (RORO08)

  40. Foreign registered powered goods vehicles travelling to mainland Europe (RORO07)