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  1. Future of East Midlands rail franchise

    • DfT
    • Open consultation
    • Part of a collection: Rail franchising
  2. Longer semi-trailer trial evaluation: annual report 2016

  3. DfT websites: reporting on progress 2016 to 2017

    • DfT
    • Transparency data
  4. DfT: prompt payment performance

    • Transparency data
  5. Great Western 2015 rail franchise agreement

  6. Severn crossings: proposed toll reductions

    • DfT and WO
    • Consultation outcome
  7. North Pole International: re-regulating part of the rail depot

    • DfT
    • Decision
  8. DfT: FOI and EIR disclosure log, August 2017

    • DfT
    • FOI release
  9. HGV periodic testing and inspections exemptions

    • DfT and DVSA
    • Consultation outcome
  10. Roadworthiness testing for fast tractors and other technical changes to vehicle testing

    • DfT
    • Consultation outcome
  11. Roadworthiness testing for vehicles of historical interest

    • DfT
    • Consultation outcome
  12. Road vehicle authorised weight regulations 2017: amendments

    • DfT
    • Guidance
  13. Renewable transport fuel obligations order: government response

    • DfT
    • Policy paper
  14. Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation: proposed changes for 2017

  15. Motor fuel greenhouse gas reporting: amendments

  16. Motor fuel greenhouse gas reporting: government response

  17. Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) guidance: year 10

  18. Biofuels carbon calculator RTFO year 10

  19. Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation: registered companies

  20. DfT: spending over £25,000, June 2017

    • DfT, DVLA, MCA, VCA, BTPA, DVSA, Highways England and Transport Focus
    • Transparency data
  21. HS2: Major Projects Authority project assessment review reports

    • Cabinet Office, DfT and HS2 Ltd
    • Transparency data
  22. Vehicles statistics guidance

    • DfT
    • Guidance
  23. Road congestion and travel times statistics guidance

    • DfT
    • Guidance
  24. Average speed and delay on local ‘A’ roads (CGN05)

  25. Average speed, delay and reliability of travel times on the SRN (CGN04)

  26. Compulsory training and incident statistics (INS05)

  27. Numbers of approved driving instructors (INS01)

  28. Approved driving instructor (ADI) test pass rates (DRT07)

  29. Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) driving test pass rates (DRT06)

  30. Large goods vehicles (LGV) driving test pass rates (DRT05)

  31. Driving test and motorcycle test pass rates (DRT01)

  32. Motorcycle riding test pass rates (DRT04)

  33. Car driving test pass rates (DRT02)

  34. Motorcycles (VEH03)

  35. Driving theory tests (DRT50)

  36. Cars (VEH02)

  37. All vehicles (VEH01)

  38. Quarterly traffic estimates (TRA25)

  39. Vehicle licensing statistics: April to June 2017

  40. Travel time measures for the Strategic Road Network and local 'A' roads: July 2016 to June 2017