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  1. DfT: use of powers under section 70 of the Charities Act 2006, February 2017

  2. High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Act 2017: Schedule 17 statutory guidance

    • DFT and HS2 Ltd
    • Statutory guidance
  3. Average speed and delay on local ‘A’ roads (CGN05)

  4. Road congestion and travel times statistics guidance

    • DFT
    • Guidance
  5. Highway Agency motorways and 'A' roads: ‘on time’ journeys (CGN01)

  6. Average speed, delay and reliability of travel times on the SRN (CGN04)

  7. Travel time measures for local ‘A’ roads, England: January 2016 to December 2016

  8. Travel time measures for the strategic road network: January 2016 to December 2016

  9. Traffic signs manual

  10. WebTAG: TAG data book, July 2016

    • DFT
    • Guidance
  11. Heavy rail fleet: Porterbrook night riviera sleeper

  12. Heavy rail fleet: All owners Class 465, 465-2 and 466

  13. Heavy rail fleet: Angel Trains Class 16X

  14. Department for Transport equality monitoring 2015 to 2016

  15. UK international sea passengers (SPAS01)

  16. UK international short sea passengers (SPAS03)

  17. UK domestic sea passengers (SPAS02)

  18. Provisional sea passenger statistics: 2016

  19. Heathrow Airport consultation: background to the consultation

  20. UK airspace policy consultation: introduction

  21. UK airspace policy consultation: Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise

  22. Heathrow Airport consultation: community and compensation

  23. Heathrow Airport consultation: take part in the consultation

  24. Heathrow Airport consultation: surface access

  25. Heathrow Airport consultation: jobs and the economy

  26. Heathrow Airport consultation: environment

  27. The passenger rail public service obligation levy

    • DFT
    • Open consultation
  28. Access for wheelchair users to taxis and private hire vehicles

    • DFT
    • Statutory guidance
  29. Draft Spaceflight Bill

  30. Starch slurry double reward classification: call for evidence

    • DFT
    • Open consultation
  31. Post implementation review of the Railways (Interoperability) Regulations 2011

  32. Scope of rail interoperability

  33. Rail interoperability current notified national technical rules

  34. Rail interoperability notified bodies and designated bodies

  35. DfT: FOI and EIR disclosure log, January 2017

    • DFT
    • FOI release
  36. Foreign registered powered goods vehicles travelling to mainland Europe (RORO07)

  37. Road goods and powered goods travelling to mainland Europe (RORO08)

  38. Road goods travelling to mainland Europe, list of active routes, quarterly (RORO09)

  39. Roll on, roll off international freight: table index

    • DFT
    • Statistical data set
  40. UK registered powered goods vehicles travelling to mainland Europe (RORO06)