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  1. Countryside Stewardship: woodland creation grant manual 2017

  2. Countryside Stewardship: capital grant application form

  3. Pesticides residues in food: School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme 2015 to 2016

  4. Pesticide residues in food: quarterly monitoring results for 2016

  5. Avian influenza (bird flu) in Europe

  6. Latest statistics on milk utilisation by dairies

  7. Historical statistics notices on milk utilisation by dairies, 2016

  8. Historical statistics notices on animal feed production statistics 2016

  9. Latest animal feed production statistics

  10. Area of crops grown for bioenergy in England and the UK: 2008-2015

    • Defra
    • Official Statistics
    • Part of a collection: Non-food crops
  11. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Civil Service people survey

    • Defra
    • Corporate report
  12. Water industry: draft guidance to Ofwat for water and sewerage connections charges

    • Defra
    • Consultation outcome
  13. Water industry charging: guidance to Ofwat

    • Defra
    • Statutory guidance
  14. Protected food name: Vale of Evesham asparagus

  15. Changing the UK Fisheries Concordat 2016

    • Defra
    • Open consultation
  16. Poultry: on-farm welfare

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  17. Structure of the agricultural industry in England and the UK at June

  18. Latest weekly wholesale fruit and vegetable prices

  19. Latest cereal usage statistics

  20. Commodity prices

    • Defra
    • Statistical data set
    • Part of a collection: Commodity prices
  21. Inspection reports for 2 travelling circuses since January 2015

  22. Beef and dairy farmers: apply for a Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant

    • Defra and Natural England
    • Guidance
  23. Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) 2017 review: method statements

    • Defra
    • Policy paper
  24. Climate adaptation reporting second round: South Downs National Park Authority

  25. Historical statistics notices on Total Income from Farming in the United Kingdom

  26. Historical statistics notices on total factor productivity of the agricultural industry

  27. Total factor productivity of the agricultural industry

  28. Total income from farming in the UK

  29. Guidance to commons registration authorities in England: Sections 15A to 15C of the Commons Act 2006

    • Defra
    • Guidance
  30. Cumbria Flood Action Plan

  31. ENV09 - England biodiversity indicators

  32. England biodiversity indicators

  33. Climate adaptation reporting second round: Associated British Ports (ABP)

  34. Latest UK milk prices and composition of milk

  35. UK Biodiversity indicators

  36. Historical statistics notices on UK milk prices and composition of milk, 2016

  37. Bovine TB: compensation value tables

    • Defra
    • Transparency data
  38. Pet travel: approved air, sea and rail carriers and routes

    • Defra and APHA
    • Guidance
  39. Packaging waste: changing business targets for paper, steel, aluminium and wood

    • Defra
    • Open consultation
  40. WEEE: list of local authority designated collection facilities

    • Defra
    • Guidance