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  1. Countryside Stewardship facilitation fund: successful applications in round 2

  2. Correspondence with the Animal Defenders International (ADI)

  3. Information on travelling circuses from August to September 2016

  4. Latest weekly wholesale fruit and vegetable prices

  5. Commodity prices

    • Defra
    • Statistical data set
    • Part of a collection: Commodity prices
  6. Pet travel: approved air, sea and rail carriers and routes

    • Defra and APHA
    • Guidance
  7. Water supply and sewerage licencing regime: standard licence conditions

    • Defra and Ofwat
    • Policy paper
  8. Other TB statistics

  9. Latest poultry and poultry meat statistics

  10. Historical statistics notices on poultry and poultry meat production, 2016

  11. Historical statistics notices on agricultural price indices, 2016

  12. Latest agricultural price indices

  13. Woodland management plans and tree health support: apply for a grant

  14. Travel with assistance dogs: transport companies and routes

    • Defra and APHA
    • Guidance
  15. Waste electrical and electronic equipment compliance fee 2016

    • Defra
    • Open consultation
  16. UK farm animal genetic resources (FAnGR): breed inventory results

  17. UK food and drink: international action plan 2016 to 2020

    • Defra and DIT
    • Policy paper
  18. Solent and Dorset Coast potential Special Protection Area: comment on proposals

  19. The production of quick scoping reviews and rapid evidence assessments

    • Defra, NERC and EA
    • Research and analysis
  20. Response to HMRC consultation

  21. Basic Payment Scheme: guidance for 2015

  22. European Structural and Investment Funds: useful resources

    • DCLG, Defra, DWP and BEIS
    • Guidance
  23. Protected food name: Broighter gold rapeseed oil (PGI)

  24. Structure of the agricultural industry in England and the UK at June

  25. Latest cattle, sheep and pig slaughter statistics

  26. Historical statistics notices on the number of cattle, sheep and pigs slaughtered in the UK, 2016

  27. Exempt flood risk activities: environmental permittings

    • Defra and EA
    • Guidance
  28. Excluded flood risk activities: environmental permits

    • Defra and EA
    • Statutory guidance
  29. Farming Statistics - provisional crop areas, yields and livestock populations at 1 June 2016 - United Kingdom

  30. Implementation of Clean Air Zones in England

    • Defra
    • Open consultation
  31. Animal health certificate: pet travel from non-EU countries

    • Defra and APHA
    • Form
  32. Latest statistics on tuberculosis (TB) in cattle in Great Britain

  33. Managing the UK queen scallop fishery

    • Defra
    • Open consultation
  34. Historical statistics notices on milk utilisation by dairies, 2016

  35. Latest statistics on milk utilisation by dairies

  36. Farming Statistics – 2016, UK wheat and barley production first estimate

  37. Historical statistics notices on animal feed production statistics 2016

  38. Latest animal feed production statistics

  39. Rural economic bulletin

  40. 2010 to 2015 government policy: climate change adaptation

    • Defra, EA and Natural England
    • Policy paper

    First published during the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government