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  1. CCTV and recording devices for traffic offences: list of certifications granted

  2. DfT: Independent Complaints Assessor report for 2016 to 2017

  3. Application for the closure of the Abbots Ripton level crossing: decision

  4. UK international sea passengers: September 2017

    • DfT
    • National Statistics
  5. UK international sea passengers (SPAS01)

  6. Commuting trends in England 1988 to 2015

  7. Draft transport accessibility action plan

    • DfT and DPTAC
    • Open consultation
  8. HS2 Phase One and traffic regulation orders: a guide for Highways Authorities

    • DfT
    • Guidance
  9. Oxford to Cambridge expressway strategic study: stakeholder reference group

  10. Manchester north-west quadrant strategic study: stakeholder reference group

  11. Northern Trans-Pennine strategic study: stakeholder reference group

  12. A1 east of England strategic study: stakeholder reference group

  13. Norton Bridge rail station: proposed closure

    • DfT
    • Consultation outcome
  14. Future of community rail strategy

  15. Port facility security officer training: list of approved training providers

    • DfT
    • Guidance
  16. Biofuel statistics: Year 9 (2016 to 2017), report 5

  17. Biofuel statistics: Year 10 (2017 to 2018), report 1

  18. Carriage of dangerous goods authorisation 476

  19. Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations: exemption orders

  20. Buxton rail sidings extension order: decision

  21. Road accident and safety statistics pre-release access list

    • DfT
    • Guidance
  22. Quarterly statistics on reported road accidents (RAS45)

  23. Reported road casualties Great Britain, provisional estimates: April to June 2017

  24. Revised draft Airports National Policy Statement

  25. Government Internal Audit Agency report into HS2 Ltd redundancy schemes

    • DfT and HS2 Ltd
    • Corporate report
  26. Heathrow expansion: revised draft Airports National Policy Statement

  27. Reforming policy on the design and use of UK airspace

  28. Heathrow expansion: draft Airports National Policy Statement

  29. UK airspace policy: a framework for the design and use of airspace

  30. UK air navigation guidance 2017

  31. Airport expansion: updated cost and benefits appraisal

  32. Airport expansion: further updated air quality re-analysis

  33. UK aviation forecasts 2017

  34. Heathrow Airport north-west runway: map of potential noise changes

  35. Statement of approach for the revised draft Airports National Policy Statement

  36. UK airspace policy reform impact assessments

  37. DfT aviation fleet mix model: a review

  38. Carbon abatement in UK aviation

  39. Mode shift revenue support (MSRS) scheme 2015 to 2020

  40. Advanced drop-in biofuels: UK production capacity outlook to 2030

    • DfT
    • Research and analysis