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  1. Companies House events calendar

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  2. Nationalities

  3. Model articles for private companies limited by shares

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    • Regulation
  4. Company strike off, dissolution and restoration

  5. Use a formation agent to register your company

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  6. Companies House Direct

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  7. Statement of capital when reducing capital in a company after share warrants cancelled (SH19)

  8. 5 day prompt payments 2017-18

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  9. Limited liability partnership registers

  10. Companies House purchase ledger spend 2017

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  11. Life of a limited liability partnership

  12. Consolidate, sub-divide, redeem shares or re-convert stock into shares (SH02)

  13. Companies House government procurement card spend 2017

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  14. Apply to change a company's disputed registered office address (RP07)

  15. Give notice of extension of time to seek approval (AM05)

  16. Give notice of approval of administrator's proposals (AM06)

  17. Give notice of creditor's decision on administrator's proposals (AM07)

  18. Give notice of revision of administrator's proposals (AM08)

  19. Give notice of result of creditor's decision (AM09)

  20. Give notice of administrator's progress report (AM10)

  21. Give notice of order limiting disclosure (AM12)

  22. Give notice of rescission or amendment of order limiting disclosure (AM13)

  23. Give notice of an order to dispose of charged property (AM14)

  24. Give notice of the extension of period of administration (AM19)

  25. Give notice of automatic end of administration (AM20)

  26. Give notice of end of administration (AM21)

  27. Give notice of a move from administration to creditors' voluntary liquidation (AM22)

  28. Give notice of move from administration to dissolution (AM23)

  29. Give notice of a court order in respect of date of dissolution (AM24)

  30. Give notice of court order ending administration (AM25)

  31. Give notice of establishment of creditors' or liquidation committee (COM1)

  32. Give notice of change of membership of a creditors' or liquidation committee (COM2)

  33. Give notice of continuation of creditors' committee (COM3)

  34. Give notice of cessation of liquidation committee (COM4)

  35. Give notice of voluntary arrangement taking effect (CVA1)

  36. Give notice of supervisor's progress report in voluntary arrangement (CVA3)

  37. Give notice of termination or full implementation of voluntary arrangement (CVA4)

  38. Give notice of statement of affairs (LIQ02)

  39. Give notice of progress report in voluntary winding up (LIQ03)

  40. Give notice of order limiting disclosure of statement of affairs in CVL (LIQ05)