File a Company Tax Return online using HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC’s) online service.

Online services may be slow during busy times. Check if there are any problems with this service.

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You’ll need:

  • Government Gateway user ID and password
  • Companies House password and authentication code if you’re filing your accounts with Companies House at the same time - register online with Companies House if you haven’t already

If you don’t have a Government Gateway ID, you can register for an HMRC online account. You’ll need your 10-digit Unique Taxpayers Reference (UTR) - you get this in a letter after you’ve registered your company.


You’ll need either:

  • your limited company’s statutory accounts
  • the accounts required by your unincorporated association’s rules

If you have a private limited company that doesn’t need an auditor you can file your accounts with Companies House at the same time as your Company Tax Return.

There is a different process if you need to file your accounts with Companies House separately.

Other information

You’ll also need details of:


Most small companies and associations can file their return without using any special software.

But you’ll need to use commercial software to upload some details if:

  • your turnover is more than £6.5 million
  • the Corporation Tax accounting period is covered by more than one set of statutory accounts
  • the statutory accounts you want to include cover more than 3 Corporation Tax accounting periods

You’ll also need to use commercial software if you’re reporting any of the following:

  • money owed to the company more than 9 months after the end of the accounting period, eg a director’s loan
  • income or losses from property
  • chargeable gains or losses
  • capital allowances that aren’t for plant or machinery
  • miscellaneous income (including HMRC incentives)
  • non-trading income
  • complex loan-relationship entries
  • leased cars
  • group or consortium relief

You can only file your return on paper if you’re unable to file online because:

  • everyone running your company is prevented from using a computer on religious grounds

  • your company is insolvent and is being run by an administrator

  • a court has ordered your company to be ‘wound up’