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The Ministry of Defence sustainability magazine produced by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.


Sanctuary: issue 46, 2017

Sanctuary: issue 43, 2014

Sanctuary: issue 42, 2013

Sanctuary: issue 41, 2012

Sanctuary: issue 40, 2011

Sanctuary: issue 39, 2010

Sanctuary: issue 38, 2009

Sanctuary: issue 35, 2006


Sanctuary magazine is the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) annual sustainability publication, which has been showcasing conservation activities across the defence estate for over 45 years. The magazine has an excellent reputation with internal and external stakeholders alike, demonstrating the exemplary sustainability and environmental credentials of both the MOD and our industry partners.

Held annually since 1991, the Sanctuary Awards recognise outstanding contributions to sustainability and conservation on the defence estate both at home and overseas. Sanctuary magazine is launched at the Sanctuary Awards ceremony and each year’s winners feature amongst its pages.

Conservation groups are mandatory on MOD sites with statutory designations. There are around 125 conservation groups across the defence estate, which help to care for the natural, built and historic environment. Conservation groups have a special feature in Sanctuary magazine called Around The Regions, which showcases their work.

If you would like to feature in next year’s Sanctuary magazine, enter the annual Sanctuary Awards, or start a MOD Conservation Group, then please do get in touch with the team at

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