Regulatory Article (RA) 1124: Civil Aviation Authority oversight of military registered air systems

RA covering the need for Civil Aviation Authority oversight for air systems transitioning to the civil register after military usage and back.



The purpose of Regulatory Articles (RA) is to provide the framework of policy, rules, directives, standards, processes and the associated direction, advice and guidance, which governs military aviation activity and against which air safety is assessed. The regulator develops regulations in response to applicable UK law, MOD needs, legal changes and recommendations resulting from both assurance or investigation functions.

Published 10 November 2014
Last updated 30 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. Issue 4 has been published under NAA 18/27.

  2. Issue 3 has been published under NAA 16/26.

  3. Issue 2 (published under NAA 16/07) has been amended to include missing change marks, there have been no changes to the content of the RA (please note the change marks at the beginning of para 11c indicate a whole paragraph was removed when RA 1124 was up-issued from initial issue to issue 2).

  4. Issue 2 been published under NAA 16/07 - please note that the RA title has changed at this issue.

  5. First published.