Research and analysis

Public sector information: market assessment

Looks at the value of information collected by public sector organisations and how this information could be further utilised.


Market assessment of public sector information


The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) commissioned Deloitte to undertake an independent assessment of the market for public sector information (PSI), as part of the ‘Shakespeare Review of Public Sector Information’.

Public sector information covers the wide range of information that public sector bodies collect, produce, reproduce and disseminate in their many areas of activity while accomplishing their public tasks.

It is the first UK-wide market assessment of PSI, and spans the use and re-use of PSI at UK, regional and local levels, by a wide range of businesses, civil society groups, government and members of the general public.

It aims to establish a robust evidence base on the value of PSI, and to highlight the policy implications flowing from an examination of how PSI could be utilised further.

The Data Strategy Board webpage provides more information on the Shakespeare review and on opening up public data.

Published 15 May 2013