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Shakespeare review of public sector information

Independent review that explores new ways to use information held by the public sector.



In October 2012, BIS and Cabinet Office ministers announced that Stephan Shakespeare, the Chair of the Data Strategy Board, would lead an independent review of Public Sector Information (PSI). The review was a commitment contained in the government’s Open Data White Paper: Unleashing the Potential, published by the Cabinet Office in June 2012.

Public sector information covers the wide range of information that public sector bodies collect, produce, reproduce and disseminate in their many areas of activity while accomplishing their public tasks.

The review explores the growth opportunities of, and how to widen access to, the wealth of information held by the public sector. It makes 9 recommendations to government.

The review is supported by a market assessment of PSI, produced by Deloitte, which forms the evidence base for the report.

The government will publish its response to the review in summer 2013.

See also the Independent Public Sector Information Review: Draft Terms of Reference

See the Data Strategy Board for more information on the Shakespeare review and on opening up public data.

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Published 15 May 2013

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