Pet travel: approved air, sea and rail carriers and routes

Check the transport companies and routes you can use to bring your pet cat, dog or ferret to England, Scotland or Wales.



You can only use these carriers and routes approved by the Animal and Plant Health Agency to bring your pet to England or Scotland. There are no approved routes to Wales.

You must follow pet travel rules. Ask your travel company if they have extra rules you must follow.


You don’t have to use an approved carrier or route if you travel to England, Scotland or Wales from:

  • UK countries
  • the Channel Islands
  • the Isle of Man
  • the Republic of Ireland
Published 13 August 2015
Last updated 16 October 2020 + show all updates
  1. Update to: Firma Fair Air, Baden Aircraft Operations, CFB Aircraft and Ball Corporation.

  2. Updates to: Exxaero BV Netherlands, Qatar Executive, ADM Aviation, I Walk and Air Rutter.

  3. Update to PAD Aviation, Air CM Global, Fort Aero, Talon Air, Ineos Aviation and ProAir Aviation.

  4. Updated: RVL Group, PAD Aviation, AFS Alpine Flightservice, Black Eagle Havacilik, Pink Sparrow, Qatar Executive, Eatis SAS, Jetfly Aviation SA, and Quick Air Jet Charter.

  5. Update to: United States Air Force, Acass San Marino SRL, PAD Aviation, Gama Aviation and Flightworks Inc.

  6. Updates to Black Eagle Havacilik, Regency Jet Centre and Exxaero.

  7. Updates to: SriLankan Airlines, Avcon Jet, Titan Airways, Pink Sparrow, Qatar Exrcutive, Metrojet, Executive Jet Management, Twinjet, Prime Jet and Air CM Global.

  8. Minor updates to: Aliserio, Taespejo Portugal, Saxonair, 2Excel Aviation, Pink Sparrow and Ortac.

  9. Update to: CTR Atmospherica Aviation, Air X Charter (Germany), Air X Charter, Pontair Ltd and Air Charter Scotland.

  10. Minor change to: Regency Jet Ltd and Transavia

  11. Minor update to: Netjets Transportes Aereos, Acass San Marino, H-Bird Aviation, Royalair AB and Acass Canada.

  12. Updates to: Synergy Aviation Ltd, Valljet, Acass Ireland Ltd, Voluxis, Catreus AOC Ltd and Royalair AB.

  13. Change to: Flexflight APS, Regency Jet Centre, Jet Concierge Club, Catreus, Acass Ireland Ltd and Sonas Aviation.

  14. Updates to: Royalair AB, Rwandair, Goldeck Flug Gesellshaft, ACP Jet Charter, IX Air, Silver Cloud, Air Bohemia, Interflight Air Charter, Elitavia D.O.O, Elitavia Malta, Infinity Aviation, Worldwide Jet Charter, Sonas Aviation, Fort Aero, Luxaviation Germany, North Central Air Charter, Fort Aero AS, RVL Group, Aliserio and JetBee Czech.

  15. Updated entries for: 2Excel Aviation Ltd and Regency Jet Centre.

  16. Minor change to: Luxaviation Germany, Initium Aviation, Ortac (AOC) Ltd, Fort Aero, Alto Aerospace, Smart Jet, 2 Excel Broadsword and Jung Sky.

  17. Updated entries for Taespejo Portugal, Luxaviation Germany, Hyperion Aviation, Deer Jet (Beijing), Voluxis, Sonas Aviation, Silver Cloud Air and Flexjet.

  18. Minor update to: Jet Exchange Ltd, Hyperion Aviation, Jota Aviation, Alto Aerospace, Silver Cloud Air, Ejme, Netjets Aviation and Netjets Transportes.

  19. Updated entries for North Central Air Charter, Elite Jet, Elitavia San Marino, Vistajet, Flairjet, Sovereign Business Jets, Taespejo, Headstart Aviation, Silver Cloud, RVL Group, Laudamotion, Sky X Airways, Sonas Aviation and Alto Aerospace Ltd.

  20. Minor change to: Fort Aero, RVL Group, Flexjet Aviation, Exxaero (Netherlands), Initium Aviation, Exxaero (Germany), DBT Transportes, DBT Transportes Aereos (DB Aviation), Regency Jet Ltd and Taespejo

  21. Changes to: Netjets Aviation, RVL Group, European Flight Service, Flying Service, Saxonair Charter, European Flight Service (Ravenair), Flying Group Lux SA, Blackbird Air, Premium Aviation and EJME (Portugal)

  22. Minor change to Hyperion Aviation, Regency Jet, Sirio, Jet Linx Aviation, Gama Aviation, Initium Aviation, Flying Group Luxembourg and European Flight Service.

  23. Minor changes to: Exxaero (Germany), Exxaero (Netherlands), ASL NV, Jetbee Czech, Bairline, Regency Jet, Jet Stream and Time Air.

  24. Updated entries for Initium Aviation, Air Taxi and Charter International, Clipper National Air, OHL Air Chaterflug and Regency Jet Ltd.

  25. Updated entries for Hyperion Aviation, Jetbee Czech, Meridian Air Company, Initium Aviation, Saxonair Charter, Sirio, Regency Jet Ltd, Netjets Aviation and Evolem Aviation.

  26. Updated entries for Luxaviation UK, Air Hamburg, Avionord, Centreline, Exxaero (Netherlands), Exxaero (Germany), Flying Group Lux, Flying Service, Globeair, Hyperion Aviation, Aeroways and JetBee Czech.

  27. Updated entries for Aeroways, Flying Service, Flying Group Lux, Capital Air Charter – Now Capital Air Ambulance, Air Alsie, Blackbird Air, Netjets Transportes Aereos, Netjets Aviation, Air Taxi and Charter International, Hyperion Aviation, Exxaero (Netherlands) and Exxaero (Germany).

  28. Added entries for Exxaero Netherlands and Exxaero Germany.

  29. Updated entries for Excellent Air, DBT Transportes Aereos Ltd, Albinati Aviation Ltd, Flying Group Luxemburg S.A, Flying Service N.V., Air Charter Scotland, Air Hamburg, Initium Aviation, Air Charter Scotland, Gama Aviation, NetJets Transportes Aereos SA, EJME Aircraft Management, Jet Service NL B.V., Air CM Global Ltd and Aeroways.

  30. Updated entries for Aeroways GmbH, Initium Aviation, Air Swisslion RD, Sky X Airways, Netjets Aviation (US), EJME (Portugal) Aircraft Mgment, Netjets Transportes Aereos SA, Pool Aviation, DC Aviation GMBH, DC Aviation Ltd, Air Alsie A/S, Premier Private Jet, Madjet Transportes Aereos, S.A, Sky X Airways, K5 Aviation, Jet Service NL.BV, Meridian Air Charter, Omni Aviation, Flying Service N.V., Copenhagen Air Taxi A/S, Windsor Media Inc, Lyon Aviation, EJME Aircraft Management, NetJets Aviation Inc, NetJets Transportes Aereos SA and SaxonAir Charter Ltd.

  31. Minor change to: Jet Service NL B.V. Farnborough, Initium Aviation Doncaster Sheffield, Silver Cloud Air Glasgow, Omni Avviac ao e Technologia Glasgow, Gama Aviation Glasgow, Air Jet Sul London Gatwick

  32. Minor changes to: Grafair London Stansted, Private Wings Leeds Bradford, Air Jet Sul Gloucestershire, Liverpool, London Ashford, Manchester, Sylt Air Manchester, Flying Service Liverpool, London Gatwick, Oxford, Flying Group Lux Liverpool, London Gatwick, Oxford, Initium Aviation London Biggin Hill, Sky X Airways Cambridge, Farnborough, London Biggin Hill, Jet Service NL B.V. Cambridge, Liverpool, Swan Aviation & Tourism Inc Farnborough, Dasnair SA Farnborough, Pro Jet GmbH Glasgow.

  33. Made changes to: Pro Jet GmbH, Removed Estonian Air, TUI (formerly Thomsonfly and Thomson Airways), Removed Air Medical Ltd, Flairjet, Star Wings Dortmund,

  34. Updated entries for Netjets Aviation Inc (US), Airjetsul, Saxonair charter Ltd, Sylt Air and Aerowest GmbH.

  35. Updated entries for Air Transat, Air Jet Sul, ABS Jets, Globeair AG, Jetfkly Aviation, Lydd Air Ltd and Netjets. Removed entries for Cobalt, Monarch Airlines, US airways, Cyprus, Britannia, FlyLAL and Maersk Air Cargo.

  36. Updated entries for Blink Ltd, Marshall Executive Aviation, Zettajet, My Travel, Star Wings, Xclusive Jet Charter, Air Charter Scotland, Air Pink, Airgo Private Airline, Dragonfly Aviation Services, European Flight Services, Globeair, Jet Concierge Club and Smartjet

  37. Updated entries for Valair Private Jets, Amira Air, Laudamotion Executive, AFS Flight Servcies, Alpine Flightservice, Hummingbird Europe and Pen Avia.

  38. Updated entries for Initium Aviation, Fiba Air Hava, Fai Rent-a-Jet, Valair Private Jets, Gama Aviation, ASL NV, Air CM Global Ltd Synergy Aviation, ACM Air Charter, Air Independance, Astraeus Airlines, Aviation Link, Elit’Avia Ltd, Elitavia San Marino, Elitavia Slovenia, Finesse Executive, Jet Netherlands, Longtail Aviation, Muyi Consulting Inc, National Jets Inc, Pegasus Elite Aviation, Private Air and Volare Aviation.

  39. Updated entries for Aeroways Gmbh, Baden Aircraft Operations, Air Canada, Eisele Flugdienst GMBH, Vistajet and Head Start Aviation.

  40. Updated entries for White Cloud Charter LLC, Luxaviation Germany GmbH, Projet GMBH, Synergy Aviation Ltd, Centreline AV Ltd, Jung Sky, Get1Jet, Time Air sro, Projet, Aeroways GMBH, Jetfly Airline GmbH, Aeroways GMBH, Pentastar Aviation, JSC Rossiya Airlines and Aeroways Gmbh

  41. Updated entries for Flying Service, Jet Service NL.BV, International Jet Management, Synergy Aviation, Executive jet Management, Flying Service, E-Aviation (Eisele Flugdienst), Flying Group Luxemburg S.A., Aeroways GmbH and PRO JET.

  42. Updated airport entries for the airlines: Channel Jets, Jet Service NL B.V, Flying Group Lux, Flying Partners and Sylt Air.

  43. Updated entries for jetfly Aviation, The Little Jet Company, Saxon Air Charter, Jet Concierge, Hahn Airlines, Luxaviation UK, Xclusive Jets, Avcon Jet AG, Get1Jet, Air Charter Scotland, Hendell Aviation, Aliserio, Worldwide Jet Charter and Aerowest.

  44. Updated entry for The Air Ministry.

  45. Updated airline entries for Royal jet, Avcon jet and Blue square aviation group Malta.

  46. Updated entries for airlines: Luxaviation Germany, Avcon Jet AG, Arcus Air GmbH & Co, Turkish Airlines, Keystone Aviation, Get1Jet, Blue Square Aviation Group Malta Ltd and updated sea cruise entry for Oceania Cruises.

  47. Updated the entries for airlines: Aliserio, Klass-Jet and Luxaviation Germany and removed Eurofly Service.

  48. Amended entries for Skyfirst, Carlisle Air Corporation and International Jet Management GmbH.

  49. The following airlines have been added to this page: Get 1 jet, NOMAD aviation AG, Luxaviation UK and Air Charter Scotland.

  50. Updated entries for Carlisle Air Corporation, Keystone Aviation, Get1Jet, Continental, United, Xclusive Jet Charter and Imperial Jet Europe.

  51. Updated entries for Sunwest Aviation Ltd, Gary Jet Center, Pontair, Sunwest Aviation, Nomad Aviation AG, Jet Concierge, Air Alsie, Albinati Aeronautics, Skybridge International Balkan, Luxaviation UK, Air Europa, Air Swisslion Rd, Arena Aviation and Carlisle Air Corporation.

  52. Updated the entries for Airlines: PHS Aviation, Air Alsie, 2 Excel Broadsword, Air Alsie, Luxwing, Luxaviation UK, Voluxis and Gama Aviation (UK) Ltd.

  53. Updated entries for Luxwing, Gama, Catreus, Execaire, Elite Jet, Hangar 8, Oasis Flight, Oasis Flight Malta, Laudamotion (previously Amira Air), Fly Alpha GmbH, Baden Aircraft Operations, Jetfly Aviation, Aeroways, Skybridge International Balkan, AMC Aviation, T-air Spol and San Marino Executive Aviation.

  54. Updated airline charter entries for PHS, DAS Private Jets, San Marino Executive Aviation, Aeroways GmbH, Luxaviation Germany, ProAir Aviation, Taespejo Portugal, Excellent Air, Smart Jet, Elite Jet, The Air Ministry, DAS Private Jets, EJME (Portugal), Netjets Aviation Inc, Netjets Transportes Aereos SA, Time Air and AMC Aviation. Also amended the commercial entry for Emirates.

  55. Updated airline and airports entries for PHS, Windsor Jet Management, Albinati Aviation, PHS, VIP Flight and Executive Jet Management.

  56. Updated entries for Elitavia San Marino SRL, Elitavia Malta Ltd, Elivatia d.o.o., Centreline AV Ltd, Aerowest GmbH, Jet Ready, Saxonair Charter Ltd, PHS and Volkswagen AirService GmbH.

  57. Updated entries for PHS, Polaris Aviation, GrafAir Flight Management AB and MHS Aviation GmbH.

  58. Amended entries for airlines: Polaris Aviation, SAS Astonjet, Smart Jet and Ortac (AOC) Limited.

  59. Updated entries for FlyGAC A/S, World Wide Charter Jet, Eagle Express, Catreus, Global Air Charters, Smart Jet, Yourways and PHS.

  60. Updated entries for Jetflite OY, Air Hamburg, Infinity Aviation.

  61. Updated entries for Star Wings Dormtund, Ortac (AOC) Limited, Fayair, Air Pink, Jet Concierge Club, Voluxis (formerly Interflight Air Charter) and Laudamotion Executive (formerly Laudamotion).

  62. Updated entries for Acass and Jet Aviation Flight Services (Malta) Ltd.

  63. Updated entries for Jet Aviation Business, Jet Aviation Flight Services (Malta), Jet Concierge Club, Planet Nine Private Air, Smart Jet, SAS Astonjet and H-Bird Aviation Services.

  64. Updated entries for: Synergy Aviation Ltd, Jet Concierge Club, Jet Aviation Business Jets AG, VistaJet Limited, Jet Concierge Club, SaxonAir Charter Limited, Flybe, Titan Airways Limited, Emperor Aviation and Avcon Jet.

  65. Entries updated for Worldwide Jet Charter, Jet Exchange Ltd, Hahn Airlines, Infinity Aviation, Prince Aviation, Silesia Air, Goldeck-Flug Gesellschaft m.b.H, Lyon Aviation, Air Pink, Jetfly Aviation, Pro Air Aviation, Blink Ltd, JetNetherlands, China Airlines, Time Air s.r.o, Harmony Jets and Interflight Air Charter.

  66. Updated entries for Smart Jet, Newcastle Aviation Ltd, Elitavia San Marino, Elitavia Slovenia, Elitavia Malta, Avionco Ltd, Infinity Aviation, Keystone Aviation, International jet Management, Pro Air Aviation, and Icelandair.

  67. Updated entries for Elitavia Malta, Elitavia San Marino, Elitavia Slovenia, Smart Jet, Saxon Air Charter, Jet Concierge Club, PHS, Constellation Aviation Services, Flexjet and TRTO agency.

  68. Updated entries for Cobalt, Planet Nine, Jet Concierge, Elitavia San Marino, Saxonair Charter ltd and Smart Jet.

  69. Entries updated for: LaudaMotion, Cobalt, Jet Netherlands, Luxaviation & Execujet, Air X Charter (Germany), Saxonair Charter Limited, Corporate Flight Management, Executive Jet Management, Smart Jet and RVL Group

  70. Updated entries for Netjets Aviation, Ejme (Portugal) Air Management, Netjets Transportes, Interflight Air Charter, Global Air Charters, Eisele Flugdienst, AirGo private airline, RVL group, Air X Charter (Germany), AirGo Private Airline, Planet Nine Private Air, Jetflight Aviation, Silk way business aviation and TWC Aviation.

  71. Updated entries for Eisele Flugdienst, Omni Air Transport, klasJet, AirGo, Charter Jets, Air X Executive Jet, Elytra Charter, Set Air / Setair Hava, Airlink Airways, Jetfly Aviation, Maleth-Aero and Interflight Air Charter.

  72. Updated entries for: Pro Airways, Set Air, Stolting Air Services, Air X Charter (Germany), Air X Charter Ltd, Amjet Executive, EJME (Portugal), Netjets Aviation (US), Netjets Transportes SA and SAS Astonjet.

  73. Updated entries for Hahn Air Lines, Atlas Air, Air X Charter (Germany), Air X Charter and Omni Aviation.

  74. Updated entries for Jet Pool Network, Éclair Aviation, FlyGac, Jetfly Aviation, Evolum Aviation, Setair Hava, Air X Charter (Germany), Air X Charter Ltd, Virgin Atlantic and Hahn Air Lines.

  75. Updated entries for Jung Sky, Lyddair, Hendell Aviation Oy, Globe Air, Aero-dienst, Air Bohemia, Air X Charter Ltd, Air X Charter (Germany) & Co KG and Oman Air.

  76. Updated entries for Zenith Aviation, 2Excel Aviation, Star Wings, Sunset Aviation and Sundt Air.

  77. Updated entries for Kuwait Airways, International Jet Management, Starjets Aviation and Stolting Air Service.

  78. Updated entries for Stolting Air Services, Aeropa, Silver Cloud Air, Air Bohemia, Stajets and Primera Air Scandinavia.

  79. Updated entries for Blink Ltd, Copenhagen Air Taxi, Air Bohemia, Aeropa and Jet Exchange.

  80. Updated entries for Centreline, Air Bohemia, Silver Cloud, Jet Exchange Ltd, Whitewind Company, Journey Aviation, Jetkey SAS, MS Aviation, Eisele Flugdienst, Arcus Air and Jetfly Aviation.

  81. Updated entries for K5 Aviation, Sirio, Air Bohemia, Valair Private Jets, Ejme (Portugal), Netjets Tansportes, Netjets Aviation, Atlas Air Service AG, Silver Cloud Air and K5 Aviation.

  82. Updated entries for Saxonair, BZ Air, Air Bohemia, Eisele Flugdienst, Lions Air, Bluelink Jets, Hendell Aviation Oy, ACP Jet Charters, Air Charter Scotland, AirGo Private Airlines, Saxonair, Sovereign Business Jets, Zenith Aviation and Rulers Flight Sharjah.

  83. Updated entries for Air Bohemia, Galaxy Airways, Dubai Air Wing, JetBee Czech and Skyline Aviation SRL.

  84. Updated entries for Lyon Aviation, Sirius-Aero Ltd, Air Bohemia, Royal Jet, Galaxy Airways and TCC Air Services.

  85. Updated entries for North Flying AS, Arcus Air, 2Excel Aviation, Jetnetherlands, Sovereign Businsess Jets, Skyline Aviation, Imperial jet Europe and Silver Cloud

  86. Entries updated for North Flying AS and Head Start Aviation.

  87. Updated entries for Hahn Air Lines, Bluelink Jets, Cobalt, Jet Exchange, Journey Aviation and Blink Ltd

  88. Updated the entries for Fiba Air Hava Tasimacilik and Skyfirst.

  89. Updated the entries for Firefly Entertainment and Elilombarda.

  90. Updated entries for Speedfly, SAS Astonjet, Air CM Global, MNG Jet Havacilik, and Fiba Air Hava Tasimacilik

  91. Amended entries for Air CM Global Ltd, Eisele Flugdienst, Oman Air, MNG Jet Havacilik, Genel Havacilik and Fiba Air Hava Tasimacilik

  92. Updated entries to Speedwings, Spree Flug, Zenith Aviation, SAS Astonjet, ACP Jet Charters, Prime Service italia, Hahn Airlines and IX Air.

  93. Updated the entries for Laudamotion, Hahn Airlines and AirGo Private Airlines.

  94. Updated the entries for Delta Private Jets, AirGo Private Airline, Newcastle Aviation, Flairjet, Hahn Airlines and Naljets.

  95. Updated entries for Arcus Air and Swiss Jet Ltd.

  96. Amendments made to entries for Swiss Jet Ltd and Bairline.

  97. Amendments made to entries for Firefly Entertainment, Zenith Aviation, Catreus, Oceanskies Aero Ltd, Valljet, Empire Aviation and Mistral Aviation.

  98. Updated the airline entries for ABC Bedarfsflug, Monza, Valair, Bly Halkin, Privatair, Das Private Jets, TJS (Malta) Ltd, Monacair, European Flight Service, Alpine Flightservice and ABS Jets.

  99. Made changes to the entries for: Qatar Executive, TJS(Malta)Ltd, 2Excel Aviation and Monacair.

  100. Entries for Air Hamburg, Executive Jet Management, Catreus, Qatar Executive, Hahn Air Lines, CCF Manager Airline and Air Alsie updated.

  101. Amended entries for CTR Flight Services, Hahn Airlines, Globeair and Sylt Air.

  102. Amended the airline list entries for CTR Flight Services, AirGo Private Airline, Éclair Aviation and Hahn Airlines.

  103. Amended the airline list entries for Jetkey Aviation, Execujet Europe AG, Nomad Aviation AG, American Airlines, Top Jets, Jet Aviation Flight Services, S & K Bermuda Ltd, Global Jet, Acass Canada & Acass Europe.

  104. Amended the airline list entries for Artjet, Acass, Fly Vectra, Catreus and Air Hamburg.

  105. Amended the airline list entries for Air Hamburg, Volare Aviation, Nomad Aviation and Vistajet.

  106. Amended the airline list entries for Star Wings, Friedkin Aviation, Jetcapital, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, United Airlines and Executive Jet Charter.

  107. Added Seasky, Acass Canada Ltd and Acass Europe Srl and updated entries for Airgo Private airline and Sovereign Business Jets to the approved airline list.

  108. Amended entries for WaltAir, Airstream, Aliparma SRL, Air France-KLM, Executive Jet Management and Eurofly Service.

  109. Added Servicios Aereos to the list of approved air carriers.

  110. Updated the chartered airline routes for Star Wings and Private Jet Company.

  111. Updated the charter airline Star Wings and the Santander to Portsmouth ferry route.

  112. Renamed Advanced Air Management to Zettajet (charter airline) and amended the Le Havre to Portsmouth ferry route companies.

  113. Updated the chartered airline routes for AFS Flight Service, Air Hamburg and Jet Aviation Flight Services.

  114. Added Air Pannonia and Friedkin Aviation to the list of approved charter airlines.

  115. Updated the list of airlines and airports you can use.

  116. Updated the airlines/airports list.

  117. Updated the airlines and airports list.

  118. Updated entries for the air routes.

  119. Updated the charter airline details for: Westair Aviation, Executive Jet Management, Flying Group, Jetfly Aviation, London Executive Aviation, Naljets - charter, Volare Aviation, Westair Aviation

  120. Made changes to the airlines and airports document.

  121. Updated the charter airline details for: Infinity aviation, Trans-Exec Air Service (previously Trans-Exec Private Jets), Arcus Air, Colin Ferns and Exxaero International BV.

  122. Amended entries for airlines Time Air and Executive Jet Management.

  123. Updated the charter airline entries for Time air and vistajet.

  124. Updated the approved air routes and charter air routes documents.

  125. Updated the air charter routes and approved air routes.

  126. Pet travel: charter routes by air (other air routes) updated.

  127. Updated the charter air routes and approved air routes lists.

  128. Charter routes by air updated.

  129. Updated charter routes by air (other air routes) and approved air routes.

  130. Updated the document: charter routes by air (other air routes).

  131. Pet travel: charter routes by air (other air routes) document updated.

  132. Updated the pets travel charter routes by air document

  133. Latest list of charter routes by air (other air routes) has been published.

  134. Updated the approved air routes document.

  135. Latest version of Pet travel: approved air routes and latest version of Pet travel: charter routes by air (other air routes) published.

  136. Latest air and air charter routes published.

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  138. Updated with latest approved air routes and charter routes lists.

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