Pet travel: checks on pets by transport carriers

Guidance for sea, rail and air transport companies on checking pet dogs, cats and ferrets which enter Great Britain under the Pet Travel Scheme.



Transport companies bringing pets into Great Britain must be authorised by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

This is because the company is responsible for carrying out checks on pets to make sure they meet the rules of the Pet Travel Scheme before they enter Great Britain. Transport companies may delegate the checks to a third party to carry them out on their behalf but approval will still be needed.

These documents provide information for sea and rail and air carriers on how these checks should be done.

Transport companies, based in or outside the UK, who want to apply for approval as a transport carrier for pets, should contact the relevant APHA office(s) which cover the ports or airports where you wish to bring pets into. The APHA office will provide information on the approval process.


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