Policy paper

No Safe Havens 2019

HMRC’s strategy for offshore tax compliance.



The vast majority comply with their obligations and pay the UK tax due on their UK and overseas activities. However, a minority do not.

This strategy establishes new objectives, reflecting the UK’s substantial progress in tackling offshore non-compliance since our last strategy in 2014.

It sets out how HMRC will continue to ensure the correct UK tax is paid, by helping taxpayers meet their obligations and responding appropriately to those who pay less than they should.

Additionally, the UK will continue to champion greater international cooperation to tackle offshore non-compliance.

No Safe Havens 2019 is a single publication divided into 6 sections here:

  1. Foreword from Mel Stride MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury
  2. Introduction
  3. Leading internationally
  4. Assisting compliance
  5. Responding appropriately
  6. Annex A: glossary of terms used in the publication
Published 13 March 2019