Malaria prevention guidelines for travellers from the UK

The PHE Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention updates and reissues these guidelines every year for UK travellers.


Malaria prevention guidelines for travellers from the UK


The guidelines are for healthcare workers who advise travellers, but may also be of use to prospective travellers who wish to read about the options themselves.

The Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention (ACMP) prophylaxis guidelines are for UK-based visitors to malaria-endemic areas, and may not be appropriate for use by people who live in endemic areas.

Occasionally, there may be a need to issue temporary recommendations. Please see the temporary recommendations from the National Travel Health Network and Centre for the latest updates for Bangladesh, Cape Verde and South Africa.

These guidelines deal with malaria, but malaria prevention is only one aspect of pre-travel advice. An overall risk-assessment-based package of travel health advice should be provided to the traveller.

For previous malaria guidelines, see the archive of older reports on the UK government web archive.

Published 29 July 2014
Last updated 9 June 2021 + show all updates
  1. Updated map of Namibia and section on visits to national parks.

  2. Updated with 2021 guidelines.

  3. Updated Malaria guidance for travellers.

  4. Updated with 2018 guidelines.

  5. South Africa has been added to the list of countries with temporary recommendations.

  6. Updated with 2017 guidelines.

  7. Updated with 2016 guidance.

  8. Updated with 2015 guidelines.

  9. First published.