Filing your company's accounts

Rules and requirements on filing annual accounts for companies registered in the UK.


Podcast: how to avoid common mistakes on accounts


This guide is for directors, secretaries and persons acting as advisers to UK registered companies. It covers the rules governing filing of accounts of UK registered companies.

What are annual accounts?

What you can file online

You can use our Companies House Service, or WebFiling to send us some accounts types.

You’ll need a Companies House password and authentication code. You can register for online filing if you do not have them.

If you have a private limited company that does not need an auditor, you could use the company accounts and tax online (CATO) service to file your Companies House accounts and HMRC company tax return together.

You can send us most types of accounts using third-party software.

Type of accounts Options
Unaudited abridged Software, CATO, Companies House Service
Dormant Software, CATO, WebFiling (if not previously traded)
Micro entity Software, CATO, WebFiling
Full unaudited Software, CATO
Audited abridged Software
Full audited Software
Small audited Software
Medium audited Software
Group Software
Interim Paper only
Initial Paper only
Audit exemption subsidiary Paper only

You can find more information in our online filing guidance.

Published 1 August 2014
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