Late filing penalties

How a late filing penalty will be imposed if your company or LLP's accounts are not filed on time, and how to appeal against a penalty.


Appeal a late filing penalty


This guidance applies to all UK registered private companies, public companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs).

It explains how a penalty will be imposed against a company or LLP if accounts are not filed by the deadline.

We’re not able to take credit card payments over the telephone.

Published 1 April 2014
Last updated 16 February 2021 + show all updates
  1. LFP guidance for LLPs consolidated into the company LFP guidance.

  2. Added the online service to appeal a late filing penalty.

  3. Updated BACS details with new Companies House bank account.

  4. Paying your LFP by BACS only.

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  16. New version relating to changes brought in by the The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act.

  17. 'Support for companies affected by flooding' guidance added to our late filing penalty guidance.

  18. Welsh appeal manual added

  19. Guidance updated to version 2.9

  20. New page added: How to pay your penalty (Sut i dalu’ch cosb)

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