Financial sanctions, Iraq

Iraq is currently subject to financial sanctions. This document contains the current list of designated persons.



The UN Security Council imposed sanctions against the Republic of Iraq in August 1990 following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

In 2003, the UN lifted all trade sanctions against Iraq except for the arms embargo; replaced the existing assets freeze with a freeze targeted at all Government of Iraq funds and all funds belonging to Saddam Hussein, senior members of his regime and their immediate family members; and required that such funds be transferred to the Development Fund for Iraq. Iraq current regime list (html)

EU regulations

You can view Council Regulation (EC) 1210/2003 on restrictive measures in Iraq online.

You can find the most recent amendments to the Regulation by searching on EUR-Lex – an online database that provides free access to EU law, international agreements and other public documents. Just: * enter the Regulation number into the search bar * open the relevant page and * click ‘document information’


While the link above is described as the latest consolidated version of the relevant EU Regulation on the EUR-Lex website, readers are to be aware that amendments to the Regulation are not always immediately included in that consolidated version. Accordingly HM Treasury does not accept any liability for possible omissions of relevant data or mistakes, and for any use made of the consolidated version. The most recent amendments to the implementing Regulation can be found by searching for them individually.

UK regulations

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