Environmental Stewardship Scheme query form

Use this form if you have a query about your Environmental Stewardship agreement or claim.



You (or those acting on your behalf) should fill in this form if you have a query about your Environmental Stewardship agreement.

Only fill it in after you have read and checked the scheme rules for the relevant scheme. Then send the form to RPA by email or post.

If you’re sending more than one form by email, please use a separate email for each form.

What to use this form for

Use this form if you:

  • think your ES payment is wrong
  • need to send RPA further evidence/information about a payment query you have already raised
  • disagree with a letter you have received about your ES agreement
  • disagree with a decision RPA has made in relation to your ES Agreement

Do not use this form to chase a query form you have already submitted

If you have any of these queries call, email or write to RPA using the contact details below.

How to fill in this form

Read the notes on the form – they explain what to do and how to fill in the form.

After you’ve submitted the form

You’ll receive a response after your query has been looked into fully:

  • if we find that we do not need to take any further action we’ll explain why
  • if we need to take further action we’ll confirm what we’ve done and the effect this has had on your agreement.

If you have another query that you have not already told RPA about, fill in and submit a new query form.

Contact RPA


Helpline 03000 200 301

Environmental Stewardship (Worcester)
PO Box 4897

Published 25 November 2019