Education in the UK for service children

Information regarding aspects of education for service children in the UK, this will vary depending on where they live or may move to.




Admissions and appeals

School admissions vary depending on where you are in the UK, and also whether the school you are applying for conducts its own admissions or whether applications are to the local authority.

Admissions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland operate differently.

School admissions England: information sheet gives advice to service parents on procedures for admissions to a state funded school in England.

If the school you are applying for is full, you can make an appeal for a place. CEAS can provide advice and guidance to service parents in the making of the appeal case. In order that CEAS can offer you support, they require a completed CEAS consent form to hold your personal information as CEAS retain records of all case details and communications.

Service Pupil Premium

The Department for Education introduced the Service Pupil Premium (SPP) in April 2011 in recognition of the specific challenges children from service families face and as part of the commitment to delivering the armed forces covenant.

State schools, academies and free schools in England, which have children of service families in school years Reception to Year 11, can receive the SPP funding. It is designed to assist the school in providing the additional support that these children may need and is currently worth £300 per service child who meets the eligibility criteria.

To read more on SPP please visit the The Service Pupil Premium page.

Pupil Information Profile

The Pupil information profile (PIP) form is a transfer document which is consistent for all service pupils in any school setting in the UK and MOD schools worldwide to support specific aspects of a pupil’s background and learning. Further information can be found at Pupil Information Profile.

Should you wish to discuss any concerns or issues regarding your child’s education, please contact the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS).

Special Educational Needs and Disability SEN(D) and Additional Needs

The processes for addressing any Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) or Additional Needs (AN) are different in all of the 4 different regions in the UK, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You should look at your child’s school policy, normally available on the website, about what the school does to address the child’s needs.

The CEAS team are able to advise, guide and support service parents regarding their child’s SEND and you can find further information on the Special Educational Needs & Disability information sheet.


Queen Victoria School is a MOD school located in Dunblane, you may wish to check their website to see their criteria.

Alternatively, please find further information in the Education in Scotland: introductary guide


School admissions and appeals in primary, secondary & middle schools in Wales: information regarding school admissions and appeals in Wales.

Supporting service children in education Wales: information about the support service available to service children in education in Wales.

My local school, Wales: provides access to school data for parents and others with an interest in their local school

Moving school pack: service family guide: this pack helps service parents to support their child when moving schools

Welsh government guidance and information

Special Educational Needs and Disability SEN(D) in Wales

Special Educational Needs Wales: information for families: provides information about the different levels of support available for children with special educational needs.

Special Educational Needs code of practice for Wales: provides practical advice to local education authorities, schools and others on carrying out their duties to make provision for children’s special educational needs.

Northern Ireland

Information regarding children’s education within Northern Ireland can be found on the Department of Education and Education Authority websites.

For those personnel being posted to Northern Ireland, it is recommended that local advice is obtained through the Children’s Education Support Officer located within 38 (Irish) Brigade who can be contacted on:


Telephone: 028 9226 6347

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