CTAD: commissioning guidance

Data submission requirements for acute, community and private microbiology services submitting data on all LA/NHS chlamydia tests done in England.


CTAD: commissioning guidance (2015 update)


Chlamydia Testing Activity Dataset (CTAD) collects data on all chlamydia tests undertaken in England from NHS laboratories and LA/NHS commissioned laboratories, to measure screening activity.

CTAD became mandatory in April 2012 (as a national NHS Information Standard, ISB 1528) superseding the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP) and the non-NCSP non-GUM (NNNG) data sources of primary care and community service chlamydia data.

This guidance was updated in January 2015 to reflect amendments to CTAD authorised by the Standardisation Committee Care Information (SCCI1538 Amd 13/2014), and aim to support and improve CTAD data quality and completeness.

Published 1 October 2015