Apply to cancel your registration for Climate Change Levy

Use the online service or the postal form CCL7 to cancel your Climate Change Levy registration.


Apply to cancel online (sign in using Government Gateway)

Apply to cancel by post


To cancel your Climate Change Levy (CCL) registration, you can either:

  • use the online form service
  • fill in the form on-screen, print and post it to HMRC

You’ll need the Government Gateway user ID and password you used when you registered. If you do not have a user ID, you can create one when you use the service.

To fill in this form you’ll need your Deferment Trader registration number. This is the 13 numbers under which registered traders account for all their business with HMRC.

Please read the general guide to Climate Change Levy before you start to fill in this form. This will help you to decide whether or not to apply to cancel your registration.

Do not use this form if:

  • you’re continuing to make taxable supplies, as cancellation cannot take effect until your taxable supplies have ceased
  • your legal status is changing or you’re transferring your business as a going concern and the new owner wants to keep the Departmental Trader Registration number

Email HMRC to ask for this form in Welsh (Cymraeg).

Before you start

If you’re using an older browser, for example, Internet Explorer 8, you’ll need to update it or use a different browser. Find out more about browsers.

You’ll need to fill in the form fully before you can print it. You cannot save a partly completed form so gather all your information together before you start to fill it in.

You can use form CCL1 to register for Climate Change Levy.

Find out more about CCL in Excise Notice:

Published 9 June 2014
Last updated 31 May 2016 + show all updates
  1. An online form service is now available.

  2. First published.